Next Just Pink: And Other Budget Buys


Since starting my blog, I have smelled hundreds of perfumes that have been completely new to me, the good (Amouage Dia), the bad (Halston Catalyst) and the ugly (Thierry Mugler Womanity).

I have smelled expensive scents that smell cheap and cheap scents that smell expensive.  My current perfume crush is Carillon Pour Un Ange which retails at around 99GBP for 50ml. I  have only small phials of it.  For Now.

body shop

However, there is a place for inexpensive every day perfume that costs so little that you don’t get all miserly  and anxious when you’re down to the last cenitmetre.  There are several excellent options on the High Street right now.  Marks and Spencer are doing pretty good Imagethings with their affordable range.  I have already reviewed Per Una Originale and I have been told that Per Una Exquisite is a dead ringer for the much mourned Quelque Fleurs by Houbigant. The Body Shop stocks trusty White Musk oil, as well as their Scents of the World range (very pretty but longevity not great on me).

I have heard good things about the Next range of fragrances but had not encountered them myself until recently.  Yesterday I treated myself to an inexpensive bottle of Next Just Pink.   And it’s just fine.

For an everyday office scent, this fits the bill. It won’t break the bank at 7.50GBP for 30ml and if you find someone who loves it, they do admirable gift sets too. It  has three notes, according to Fragrantica: Green notes, red fruit and floral notes, so it’s pretty vague.

just pink

Here’s what I think it smells like: Roses, Peony, Soft Musk, Freesia and a whiff of Violets.

It’s pretty, in a clean laundry sort of way and won’t offend anyone. It would also make a good fragrance for a young teen just starting out on their perfume Odyssey.

However, many reviewers compare Just Pink favourably to Ralph Lauren Romance.  I have a sample of this so I tried it side by side.  Ralph Lauren has slightly more depth, but surprise! Our budget buy outlasted it on longevity.  Note by note, there wasn’t much in it.

There’s a lot to be said for a well made, High Street perfume with a friendly price tag. I’ve smelled no end of mainstream new launch fragrances in the £30 for 30ml price bracket that have no more to offer than this. Next Just Pink is going in  the handbag.  *cough* along with the other seven I already have in there.  Must get round to sorting it out.

5 thoughts on “Next Just Pink: And Other Budget Buys”

  1. Dearest Iscent
    I went into a Wilkinsons yesterday!
    In Chester, just off the High Street, on the way to the station, there it was.
    And in it, just as you predicted, a glass cabinet, not far from the tills filled with discounted scents.
    Nothing special on this occasion, but now I now such places exist I shall be looking out for them…
    I’ve never tried a ‘Next’ scent… though M&S here are now doing loads of quite affordable old fashion French brands for under £25, which, though no steal, is still quite affordable for the odd fancy.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Ooooh, Dandy, you should take a squint at the Wilkinson’s website! (Order online, free delivery to a store of your choice, yes, I used to work there.) A male friend of mine is a fan of Davidoff’s Zino and I spotted it on the Wilko Website for pennies! They have all sorts of odd things on there. I think it’s a bit of a discounter’s delight. I actually saw minis of Fendi Asja in giftsets in one shop last Xmas, and that’s been defunct for a decade.

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