Elvis Jesus: Cynical? Moi?


 I received a sample of Elvis Jesus  in my Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Box. It’s not a brand I’ve heard of and before I’d smelled the sample, I was put off by two things. Firstly, the sample was a 1ml phial, not very generous!. Secondly, the blurb on the accompanying card was so long and dense I lost the will to read it all. It was like sleeve notes on a progressive rock album or a teenage boy’s poetry journal. Terribly serious, but it didn’t mean an awful lot.

The website states: “fashion brand Elvis Jesus has once again delivered an in-your-face product that stands as both an icon of rebellion while consistently incorporating couture design”.


I’m also slightly irritated that it is a masculine scent and therefore my Discovery Box contained three masculines and three feminines, rather than two for men and four for women as advertised. I would have preferred more feminine samples, simply because I disliked the three I was given. The Discovery Box is only in it’s third edition, so maybe they will change this as they go along. A masculine and a feminine box would be an ideal,  despite the fact that I believe  if it smells good, wear it, regardless of the label or price or gender.

Elvis Jesus smells like a replica of Paco Rabanne 1 Million. 1 Million is a runaway bestseller, with its Gold Bullion packaging and its ability to floor an asthmatic at twenty yards (i.e yours truly). It genuinely makes my breathing go raspy and I have to avoid it. However, if you like it, and want a cheaper version, you could always buy Elvis Jesus.

Now about the name: either this is a post ironic take on pop culture, or the brand has used the second two most Googled terms in the world in order to “help” potential customers locate their brand. I say second most Googled, since I do believe that Mr Beiber holds first position. The world is a dark and mysterious place.

Here’s what Elvis Jesus says it smells like:  “(Elvis Jesus) is a blend of citrus scent and an earthy heart of black pepper, with deep notes of cedar and sensual woods, leaving a masculine, long lasting and seductive impact”

Here’s what I think it actually smells like: Cedar, Vetiver, Lemon and Sage. However, the notes make it sounds lighter and fresher than it is. It’s Woody base kind of cancels out the promising freshness in the opening notes.

I’m being kind, it actually smells very generic and could be any Avon For Men, with the lasting prickly base note that equates to a cheaper Paco Rabanne homage.

I think what made me finally turn my back on Elvis Jesus was this quote from the inside of the sample card (entitled rather grandly :Chapter One) “EJ portray a twisted tale of sex and drugs and sweet salvation. Like the kid at the back of the class they mess with meaning and toy with The Man like cats with mice

As a perfume blogger, I am accustomed to pretension and spin, but this was too sixth form college, even for me. Sorry kids, I’m out. Don’t play tricks on the babysitter and I’ll be back by twelve.

Footnote: I’ve noticed that in tiny font on my sample it says “For Her” but it still smells exactly as I have described above.


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