4711 Ice: Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot.


 4711 Ice by Maurer and Wirtz is not strictly a fragrance, more a cologne. In the UK, eau de cologne is not used in the same way as it is by our continental cousins. Across the Channel, cologne is used to complete the bathroom niceties. Post shower, Imagesplash it all over, leave the bathroom and get dressed. It’s not meant to have longevity or to replace your daily perfume. Among the colognes, 4711 is the leader of the pack, and is a wonderful, timeless unisex scent that I have long enjoyed.

A friend recently introduced me to 4711 Ice, and once I’d admired its laughably cheap price, I naturally bought some myself. It has been surprisingly hot here in the UK, and  despite having moaned about rain and cold for the last nine months (the longest Winter EVER), I am now complaining that the sun is too hot. Being pale and having freckles, I was not built for sun and I get what my Canadian friend calls the “hot fussies”.

However, this is exactly the kind of case that calls for Doctor 4711 Ice.  Directed at the male market (but does that matter?) it has a cooling menthol effect on spraying which is unbeatable. The smell is clean,  almost liquorice, with maybe a hint of eucalyptus and mint. In other words, everything that qualifies as “refreshing” has been added in spades. The scent itself is gender neutral and there is some brief longevity to be had, which for 2.29GBP is a bonus I was not expecting.

There is a whole list of notes that I think is rather an ambitious boast, as it includes Pineapple, Lily of the Valley, Plums, Peaches, Amber, Musk,  and Violets. In fact, 4711 Ice is a straightforward pleasant smelling minty menthol mixture. I will admit that I could pick out the Bergamot from the list though.

If someone were to criticise 4711 Ice, they might compare it to mouthwash or cough sweets, and I would listen equably to those arguments without retort. However, if you need instant cooling down with an inoffensive clean smelling scent, and you don’t mind if it doesn’t last for hours, then this is for you. I picked my bottle up on Amazon and the price has even gone down since last week. It now has a permanent place in my handbag  It is perfect for Festival season.

4711 Ice is what every cleavage needs when there is no shade and no help.

5 thoughts on “4711 Ice: Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot.”

  1. Oh I so agree about the delights of using eau de cologne in hot weather! I am a fellow fan and I too have a spritz bottle in my handbag to cool me down on the go (if you want the scientific explanation of how it cools, it’s because the alcohol evaporates quickly and takes a tiny bit of heat out of your skin). Currently I’m using a bit of generic EDC that I got in a hotel in Spain last year, but usually I bring big cheap bottles back from French supermarkets (my fave is Mont St Michel Ambre). I looked at a little 30ml bottle of the Roger & Gallet Jean Marie Farinia edc the other day and put it back on the shelf quick smart when I saw the price – I want to be able to splash it on, not have to make it last!

    A top tip I’ve picked up somewhere from a fellow perfumista (actually, it might have been Victoria on Bois de Jasmin who mentioned it) is to put some eau de cologne into your bathwater in the evening. It’s very relaxing and refreshing, apparently. And you can afford to chuck loads in when it’s 4711 prices! Got to love it. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments. I always learn so much from you! That’s very interesting about the science bit. I find EDC is an instant pick me up. It’s a great boost, a refreshing feeling, a pretty smell, but gone quickly.

      Just because something doesn’t last long doesn’t mean it ain’t worth doing! 😉

    2. Oh and I adore Roger & Gallet Jean Marie Farinia. I had the soap once and it lasted a long time, as did its fragrance, so maybe layers are better than the Cologne?

  2. Dearest Iscent and Bird
    The Dandy too – perhaps unsurprisingly – is a devotee of the cologne splash in such weather.
    Surpisingly our dear Boots do have some in their own brand and the lavender’s not bad. Saving that my favoutite are from te Eastern Med which kick some fig and spice into the usual citrus mix for added vim.
    Delicious and, frankly, no levee is complete without a quick splash of something fleting…
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

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