Thierry Mugler Alien: Like Fireworks- Wonderful But Loud


 Like Angel,  Thierry Mugler Alien has its fans and critics, although it must be said that Alien is not quite as divisive as Angel (see my earlier review about the Marmite of Perfumes). As for Mugler’s other big hitter, Womanity, let’s just move on, shall we? (I’m still offended by that stinking shock.)

The Alien bottle is critically acclaimed, and quite right too. Its blank faceless angles with slightly hunched shoulders has a unique strangeness.  I was initially put off from testing Alien after deciding that Angel wasn’t for me. However, I was going through an Amber phase and was attracted to the notes, so decided to order a few samples from eBay.

I was pleasantly surprised. It’s rather Christmassy and rich, and reminded me a bit of Church and incense. The Amber is LOUD and sweet, like a deaf Aunt with no dress sense, but likable all the same.

The notes are few: just Amber, Woods and Jasmine. You can smell all three, although Mugler does like to turn the volume up. The Wood notes smell like church pews permeated by the waft of a passing thurible. The jasmine is at its dirtiest, and the Amber sweetens it all up and smacks its bum to finish it off. Its Woody richness may stem from the fact that this is said to be aged in oak casks, like brandy.

Many people are averse to this, and I can understand why. It is the kind of perfume I cannot wear in great measure.  Nor should anyone wear it in close quarters to another human or animal before 5pm. It’s just not fair. Even if you have a cold and can’t smell it, trust me, one squirt is enough and will last a long time. I’m only talking about the Eau de Toilette here. If you have the Alien Essence Absolue Parfum Intense, then please don’t leave your house for Health and Safety reasons. You will have people keeling over in your wake like a Pied Piper gone wrong.

Alien is like hearing a love poem shouted through a megaphone. Pretty, yes, but turn it DOWN.

There are flankers aplenty, but I still rate this as the original and best.

PS Due to not wearing my glasses once, I ended up calling this Aileen by mistake and its rather fondly become a nickname.  Thierry Mugler Aileen.

5 thoughts on “Thierry Mugler Alien: Like Fireworks- Wonderful But Loud”

  1. I’m so glad you have finally found a Mugler you’re prepared to let into the house… 😀
    Sorry – I’m still giggling at your review of Womanity.

    1. Ah yes. The W word. So glad you didn’t wear it over for sniffage the other day. However, it is always interesting to smell a perfume in yourself , then someone else. My friend makes Jicky smell of delightful apricots. On me, it was slightly turned Mr Sheen.

  2. You are right, this perfume is expressive (but at least less than Angel). I know somebody who wears it at 7 o’clock am in the bus and it’s driving me crazy!

    I prefer it as any other perfumes of the brand but I would not personnally wear it.
    I’m sure you’ll think I’m weird but every time I smell it think of raisin cream soda drink… I guess it’s only in my head, hi hi.

    1. Ah Bonjour Genevieve! Ca va?
      7am is not the time for Alien, not at all! Raisin Cream Soda drink? I think I can see why you can find that in there. It’s kind of spicy and rich.

      I agree that out of all the Muglers, this is the only one I can tolerate!

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