LUSH Gorilla Perfume: Smell of Weather Turning


Launched in 2011, Smell of Weather Turning is no Rent a Scent High Street number. It doesn’t really even make you smell pretty. It’s unisex, and not particularly feminine. There’s Mint in it too, which usually makes me think of discarded chewing gum.

It sounds like I’m not really selling it, doesn’t it? But I love it.  I love it so much I want to have a song played for it on the radio and send it a Valentine’s Day card. I want to write its name on my pencil case and have a poster of it on my bedroom wall.

Smell of Weather Turning  is the kind of perfume that fills my head with imagery both beautiful and ominous. It’s so cleverly put together it’s like watching a film clip using just your nose. First you have the smell of Hay and Grass and a Hedgerow (hence the Honey and Wild Mint notes). Then…here it comes, the weather turns and you can smell Asphalt and Tarmac and fresh air. The drydown smells slightly medicinal with a hint of Creosote, which is probably what put me in mind of Lonestar Memories. Longevity is very good, though the top notes are so wonderful I had to hold off spraying the sample several times just to revisit them.

 Smell of Weather Turning is beautiful and clever and makes me think of huge landscapes with rolling thunderclouds and hot pavements. Its refreshing rather than smoggy. It’s like fresh air and elements. It’s like having a spell in your handbag. It’s British Weather in a bottle. This should be standard issue to homesick ex pats all over the world.

It’s not pretty, but it is magical and wondrous and tells an epic tale.

I’m in love.

4 thoughts on “LUSH Gorilla Perfume: Smell of Weather Turning”

  1. This is the best review I’ve read yet for this fragrance. I’ve read many positive reviews, but your description makes me so curious! And at first I thought you disliked it. I have ordered the trial size, and am very excited to test it. I love the smell of “fresh air and elements” earthy smells, and open spaces. Your descriptions are fantastic, great writing. I actually read this post several times because I enjoyed your descriptions so much :). Unique idea for a blog. How are you able to afford 365 scents?

    1. Dear neon, what a wonderful compliment, that will put a smile on my face for weeks. I am very touched, thank you 🙂 .

      In answer to your question, I try and keep this habit low on cost. A dear friend has let me borrow some truly fantastic bottles for review, as well as samples that would make your head spin! I buy and sell used bottles on ebay, as well as buying brand new samples, and I blag samples from shops whenever I can. Occasionally I fall in love so much I splash out on a full bottle- Balmain Jolie Madame is a case in point.

      I truly believe a perfume habit needn’t cost the earth and many of my bottles were less than ten GBP. I endeavour to write every day, but sometimes two young children get the better of me. Writing 365 reviews might take more than 365 days, but I will do it!

      warmest wishes

  2. Smell of the Weather Turning smelled so damn good. Oh it smelled like fall leaves and someone else having a fire in the fire place while you’re walking by in chilly weather and like my grandpa when he got ready in the morning to open the gates of the cemetery. And like the wreaths my mom made for the door on the fall and the way they smelled when she took them down to repleacd them with the winter ones. It was perfect. It was nostalgic and such a conversation starter. Dear lord I want that perfume to come back.

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