Miller Harris Fleur Oriental: A Daytime Oriental? Who Knew!


To me, Orientals are meant for evening wear. To wear one in the day would be like wearing black velvet to the office. Or so I thought before wearing Miller Harris Fleur Oriental. This beautifully made fragrance most definitely qualifies as Oriental, but is light and pretty enough for day wear, and wouldn’t kill anyone if you shared a small elevator first thing in the morning.

 Fleur Oriental is spicy at first. The Carnations make their presence felt among the feminine Roses, but it quickly dries down into a powdery Chypre. The Roses, Musk, and Carnation Spice really burst through and the middle stage lasts for about six hours. The Amber is not strident, just enough to squeeze this into the Oriental category. After that, the whole thing goes into an oriental-lite, with a soft and pretty powdery stage that remains for the rest of the day. I didn’t get any Vanilla as promised, but the Orange Blossom came and went, like a guest passing through.

 The latter stages reminded me of the now discontinued Timeless by Avon. Timeless is an Oriental Chypre, powdery and light enough for daytime wear. To compare a Miller Harris to an Avon scent is by no means an insult to Miller Harris-Timeless was remarkable. It is, however, a huge compliment to Avon  and their perfumes past.

 I tried Fleur Oriental on this morning, and it is still there now, giving it lasting power of around twelve hours. At £65 for 50ml, I consider this good value if you were investing in a full bottle. I’ve certainly seen High Street perfumes in the same price bracket that lack the class and the lasting power of Fleur Oriental.

 Another triumph from the ever reliable Miller Harris.

2 thoughts on “Miller Harris Fleur Oriental: A Daytime Oriental? Who Knew!”

  1. I introduced Maman to this and – once she’d used up the bottle of Shalimar she snagged off me (I can’t wear it, I’m just not woman enough to stand up to Shalimar) – she now douses herself in FO on a daily basis. I like the fragrance enough to have ebayed a bottle of the eau parfumeé version (lighter in weight, more like an eau de toilette rather than an edp), but since Maman has taken to her daily liberal splash I somehow can no longer face it. *sigh* Another bottle that will have to go down the road to Mummy.

    1. Do you know, it can ruin everything when your mother likes the same perfume as you! Before I fell in love with it, I gave my Mum a bottle of Cabochard. She loves it and it suits her, but now I love it too but I don’t want us to smell the same!

      Luckily, my perfume collection is bordering on the embarrassing in number, so it’s fairly easy for me to avoid a smellalike moment.

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