Délices de Cartier: A Fleeting Acquaintance


 Being a huge admirer of Christine Nagel’s Eau de Cartier, I was curious about the famed Délices de Cartier and thus resolved to try out the EDP.

Sadly, I shan’t be  eulogising in quite the same way over Délices de Cartier.  According to the notes, I should be getting Bergamot, Cherry and Pink Pepper. Middle notes should be Jasmine, Violet and Freesia, with base notes being Musk, Sandalwood, Amber and Tonka Bean.

Sadly, after a faint, almost watery whiff of Bergamot and Cherries, this dies down into the schoolroom scent of pencil shavings, before disappearing completely.  I was reminded very much of another fragrance that I had been equally looking forward to.:Parfums Gres Cabotine Rose.  I loved the original Cabotine, and I like Roses, so I was eager to get the cellophane off (don’t you love that moment?) A barely there smell of nothing much, then pencil shavings, then pouf! There it was, gone.

Don’t let this turn you against Délices de Cartier, since many reviewers on Fragrantica declare it be wonderful and long lasting. It might well be on them. Sadly, on my skin, nothing remarkable took place today.

Hmm, two days of cherries.  I can safely declare I am over them.

10 thoughts on “Délices de Cartier: A Fleeting Acquaintance”

  1. It’s a great review, but I think the opposite of you. On my skin, it last all day long (I tried the eau de toilette, not eau de parfum), and I love it. I smell the cherry in a very long time, but not the bergamote. I really can perceive the tonka bean that add warm to the sweetness of the cherry. I think the pepper, as well as the bergamot makes the perfume a bit sharp and that’s balance well the sweetness. Of course, every skin react differently. To me it’s the only gourmand type fragrance that I can wear without hating it after 1 minute!

    1. Hi genevieve and thanks for dropping by. Isn’t it interesting how something almost fragrance free on me can agree with someone else so well? There are too many fans of Delices to allow me to dismiss it, so I have to conclude that it’s just a personality clash between myself and Delices! it’s always interesting to hear another side to the story, so thanks for your comments.
      Best wishes

      1. It’s so funny how things work differently on other skins! By the way, to me the funniest thing is that only a couple of days ago I made a review of that perfume on my blog ! What a coincidence! I think that’s so funny that we comes up with totally different ways to see it! I think that’s what I love the most about sharing things on the web : people come and talk to us about their perspectives and it help us understand more deeply our subject ! Thanks again for your review!

        PS : you don’t know how much I taught it was funny when I saw on my email that we chose the same perfume (and it’s not a newcomer) the same week, in 2 different languages! ha ha I love this!

      2. Hi genevieve, I visited your site and really liked it! What’s even funnier is that I was about to review Theirry Mugler Alien and saw you’d recently done that one too! There’s a saying “Great Minds Think Alike”.

  2. Isn’t that interesting! It’s obviously one of those fragrances that really reacts differently with different people’s skin. I’m keen to try it now.

    As for those fragrances that you sniff two molecules of and then they just smell like nothing – they have their fans too. I have at least two friends who find that kind of fragrance is all they can wear as everything else is too strong for them.

    1. Yes I’ve heard Molecule 1 smells of nothing alone, but is amazing in layers.

      It’s interesting that genevieve loves this, and its longevity, yet it was like water on me. I have a sample for you to try.

      1. Me, this time, I was lucky to not have to ask for a sample, because I found a bottle in a bargain shelf for 20$ (and I had a 15$ gift card), so I bought a Cartier bottle for… 5$ ! This is so cool! I wish it will happen more often!

      2. I LOVE it when that happens! I recently got some vouchers from Vodafone that enabled me to buy a mini perfume set from Argos that had First by Van Cleef and Arpels, Lanvin Arpege and Lanvin Rumeur in ( as well as 2 others that weren’t so great). With my voucher it cost about £3! I love a bargain!

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