Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche 2013: Hello Miss Hawaiian Tropic!


A Sales Assistant in John Lewis recently told me that the current Estee Lauder best seller in the Cardiff branch is Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche 2013. In fact they had sold out and were awaiting stock. She told me that would quickly sell out too and they would have to order even more in. Naturally, I had to try it.

It seems almost too obvious that a perfume that smells like sun lotion would be popular towards summer. It seems so obvious that I wonder why the obvious wasn’t said in the boardroom “but surely if a woman wants to smell of sun cream, she will just apply sun cream?”

It also seems obvious that Estee Lauder knows their consumers better than I do, for this stuff is flying off the shelves, and has even sold out on the Estee Lauder website (at the time of going to press. I’ve always wanted to write that)

On first spraying from the gorgeous bronze opaque bottle, my first impression was Coconut. My second was Tuberose. After that it stayed Coconutty and creamy and didn’t really change. There were some pretty and faint florals in there, however. Just enough to stop you smelling like a cake. Lasting power was good at around five hours.

Looking at the description on Fragrantica, I have to wonder if we are talking about the same scent. Fragrantica lists no Tuberose and no Coconut. It does list Lemon, Orange, Milk, Flowers and Amber.  The Estee Lauder website is downright poetic in its listing of flowers and fruits and exoticisms.  I can assure you dear reader that the fragrance name is an exact match to the bottle I tried. But I would never recognise this beachy Malibu scent from its notes in a hundred years.

There have been many flankers and many editions of Bronze Goddess. I can’t help feeling slightly cynical here, perhaps all I can smell is the cash needed to buy each year’s limited edition version and its flanker.

In any case, if you like smelling of sun lotion when the skies are gloomy and the rain patters down, this is fine quality. It is escapism after all.

I still call it Coconuts though.

8 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche 2013: Hello Miss Hawaiian Tropic!”

  1. My bottle of Bronze Goddess is from several iterations ago and gets hauled out every summer, when the weather gets hot enough to take off my jumper. (It didn’t get worn at all last summer, I don’t think.)

    It is exactly as you say – this is the stuff to spritz yourself with liberally when you want to pretend you’re in Bora Bora. (I find suncream makes me all sticky, so I’d rather wear this than Ambre Solaire.) There was a real vogue for ‘beachy beachy’ tropical florals a few years back. There was Bronze Goddess, something from Bond No.9 (Fire Island, I think) and even Bobbi Brown got in on the act with her Beach.

    Personally, I wear Molinard de Molinard when I want to be reminded of suncream. To me, it smells exactly the same as some really expensive Piz Buin aftersun I bought when I was a teenager on a ski trip in Italy. But I seem to be the only person who has that particular weird little scent foible.

    Given that we are currently basking in what can only be described as summery weather, I think it might be time for me to get out my Bronze Goddess. Thanks for reminding me!

    1. I am so relived that someone else thinks it is sun lotion too. I was starting to worry since the notes did not match what i could smell, not even a teeny bit.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if this does better in Britain than in sunnier climes. Our summer seems to be so elusive and I don’t think you need to wear a sun lotion scent if you get to actually use sun lotion more often than biannually.

      Thanks for your comment- you have a brain the size of a planet where perfume is concerned! I learn so much!

  2. Dearest Iscent
    The Dandy has a dark secret.
    He knows he should remain all ‘pale and interesting’ all year round like so many others of his ilk… but he does like the odd ray or fifty thousand.
    And whilst my usual fare in plein soleil is something cooling, a No.19 or my beloved Eau de Campagne (have you tried?), occasionally I can be tempted toward the sun lotion-a-like scents.
    Jil Sanders Sun series serves the purpose rather well and the there’s Guerlain tiare Terracotta Sous le Vent that smells like sun lotion because it comes in that (a bronzer)too.
    Oh lord, rather sidetracked there.
    Loved the review (so pleased you got to use your phrase) and will have a quick sniff to see what’s in the air next time I’m in Cardiff.
    Interestingly, I have been told that Azure (the great) is the bestseller at Selfridge’s… make of that what you will!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy

      I shall have to try Eau de Campagne now that you have endorsed it. I am no stranger to the smell of sun lotion being fair and with freckle, but it’s never been a smell I’ve wanted in a scent. When the weather’s hot (remember those days?) I hit the greens and the citruses.

      Incidentally, Lisawordbird and I recently visited a marvellous shop in Cardiff on Wellfield Road (it’s the shop attached to Escentual HQ). There were Guerlains, Hermes, Chanels, Diors, even Amouage…it was all there, testers out and proud. We were quite emotional when we saw there was a sale on, and a little poorer on leaving. Forgive me if I am teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, you may well already know of it.

      Your friend

  3. Your last line is a pip! I grew up in Southern California…I know the smell of suntan lotion… we called it Coppertone. Estee Lauder has elevated that smell into being a Goddess… but yes … Coconuts!

    1. Thanks lanier, I’m glad it wasn’t just me imagining Coconuts!

      The notes listed were so far from what I was experiencing I thought I must be going mad, but my good friend LisaWordbird also got coconuts, so I feel vindicated now!

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