Andy Tauer No 11: Carillon Pour Un Ange


Created by Andy Tauer in homage to his favourite flower Lily of the Valley,  (allegedly one of the reasons why he became a perfumer), Carillon Pour Un Ange immediately took me back to my past.

I couldn’t figure it out, although as the day wore on, the penny dropped.  It never ceases to amaze me how perfume can take me back to a day or a moment in my past that I had thought I had forgotten. It’s like a time machine.

As I smelt the divine muguets in Carillon Pour Un Ange, I was taken back to a sunny day in my late grandmother’s garden. We were very close and I treasure every moment I had with her. Around the base of her rose garden was a carpet of Lily of The Valley. I asked her what it was and she told me, and invited me to pick some to smell. The result was heavenly and heady.  All the best smells can be found in nature and I had almost forgotten that warm day when we were just standing around in her garden on our own.

Cicley Mary Barker Flower Fairies
Cicley Mary Barker Flower Fairies

Lily of the Valley doesn’t just grow for anyone. It is said that it is either very hard to grow or very easy, if you have the magic touch. There is no middle ground. This pretty sprig of white buds against its green background always says Spring to me, and it never fails to stop me in my tracks. As Andy himself says of Carillon Pour Un Ange “it is a green choir of flowers”

The burst of flora in the initial notes is clean and pure and natural. It does not smell synthetic. The Lilacs come through too, and the overall impression is of a dewy moistness. This is almost thirst quenching. The Rose is present too, but does not dominate in the Turkish Delight sort of way that it so often does. This almost borderline spicy Lily of The Valley scent is addictive.


But it doesn’t stop there. Just a moment ago I was looking around the room for a Vetiver or Oud type smell until I realised it was on my arm. And it was not Vetiver or Oud, but Ambergris and Wood.  The Lily of The valley is still there though, and despite the more masculine base notes, the scent retains it delicacy and fragility. I tell you, it’s seriously clever.

Although Tauer scents are regarded as niche, and thus price tags are not in the everyday category, I cannot help but think that  a Tauer is excellent value. Like the gorgeous L’Air Du Desert Marocain, lasting power is nearly twelve hours. A lot of far cheaper fragrances have nothing like this sort of longevity. He also sells sample sets, which are perfect if you cannot buy in person but don’t want to buy blind.


Whilst I am a fierce advocate of not smashing your piggy bank to smell good, I would also say that if you were going to invest in a full bottle of anything, an Andy Tauer scent would outlast all contenders.

My grandmother has not been with us these last ten years, but  were she here today she would have adored this.  And I would have got it for her.


10 thoughts on “Andy Tauer No 11: Carillon Pour Un Ange”

  1. I have never quite adjusted to lily of the valley in fragrances. I love the flowers (my Mum grows them very well – if you’d like some for your garden), but I haven’t yet found a lily of the valley perfume that I am happy to wear. This sounds glorious. Though, as a devoted Andy Tauer fangirl, I am not surprised that it’s lovely. (Biased? Why, yes I am!)

    1. Oh yes, I’m a die hard Tauer fan too. You might like Carillon since it starts as Lily of The Valley, but then gets a bit manly in the finish and shows its muscles. Something for everyone there!

  2. I didn’t get this perfume until I put some on and walked up our lane in the early morning in springtime – oh! That’s what it smells like to me – the essence of spring, just beautiful.

  3. I love most of Andy’s fragrances, but , must admit I have never tried this one! I have had several discovery sets, but never got a sample of this one! Now I am interested! Just put it on my wish list! Thank you for the lovely review.

    1. Hi Jennie and welcome!

      It’s so hard to pick a favourite Tauer but I wear this for memorable occasions to help me remember them. It’s amazing how a smell can bring back memoires sharper than anything else! I rate Carillon as the best Lily of The Valley scent in the world, bar none.

      best wishes

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