Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel: Or Antiques Sur la Mer


 Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel seemed to be exactly right for today’s blazing hot weather. It was new to me, and liking the name is very often enough to make me choose a  Scent Of The Day (SOTD) However, the results were an incongruous surprise.

With a name like Fleurs de Sel I was expecting something lazy and Mediterranean. I wasn’t disappointed, but Fleurs de Sel was far more masculine and Leathery than I was expecting.

Firstly, it has lasted almost seven hours on my arm today, giving it a good score for longevity. Sillage is subtle. I applied it from a sample bottle dabber across the table from my husband who couldn’t tell I had just applied perfume (until I shoved my arm under his nose. He is used to this now).

Top notes are Thyme, Clary Sage and Rosemary. I certainly had visual images of a cook’s kitchen, all herby and aromatic. There is a salty note in there too, making me think of scrubby dunes by the sea, with their herby plants clinging to the sand. The drydown is strong Vetiver and Leather. I much prefer Leather to Vetiver and these two were neck and neck in strength. Vetiver won.

The base note lasts for hours and is a peppery Vetiver with the Leather in the background, having come second in the race to dominate . With the combination of Herbs, Salt and Vetiver, this is a very masculine scent. However, since I am going through rather a masculine Leathery phase at the moment, I rather like it just how it is.

Whilst the opening Act is all herby sea salt and scrubland, it beds down into a scent that is reminiscent of old worn leather. Imagine opening the door of an Antiques shop by the sea. The warm leather is in front of you, with the sea at your back. Add some Vetiver in a vase by the door, and there you have it. Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel.

6 thoughts on “Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel: Or Antiques Sur la Mer”

  1. Oh I forgot that avon week was over 🙁 !! but this fragrance does sound lovely…i do like the herbal notes in it!

    1. Hi brie, I’m so glad you enjoyed Avon week. It’s really worth scoring some samples on ebay. I think my favourite was Timeless. I wish they’d stop launching new stuff that smells the same and bring back a few excellent classics!

  2. Miller Harris is one of my absolute favourite houses. I feel that they use really good quality ingredients and that they make scents that are unusual enough to smell different, but not so weird that you can’t wear them every day. Plus, there’s something very ‘natural’ about them.

    I was enjoying smelling the ones Lyn Harris made for Marks and Spencer too! Very surprised at a couple of them.

    1. This was my first ever Miller Harris (thanks for the tip off about the sample). I am confident it won’t be the last. I want to get know them a LOT better. Wonderful, and Fleurs de Sel fits in nicely with my current craving for masculines.

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