Avon Week: Avon Soft Musk


Avon Soft Musk was created in the 80s and is a rare thing indeed: a perfume that is good quality, popular and excellent value for money.

Every perfume wardrobe should have a Musk. There are many to choose from, varying in quality and price, with the cheapest not necessarily being the worst by a long shot. Before Sarah Jessica Parker created the excellent Lovely, she layered Comme Des Garcons Avignon with an Egyptian perfume oil bought from a street vendor, and  an El Cheapo Bonne Bell Musk from a drugstore. If cheap Musk is good enough for her, it’s certainly good enough for me. I should imagine the end result  was  intoxicating in all the right ways.

 Avon Soft Musk holds many memories for me. So many people I know have worn it since its inception. I can say, hand on heart, that it is both dirt cheap and very good indeed. In my current (now well thumbed) Avon brochure, it retails for £5 for 50ml. You can be sure I will be snaffling me a bottle of that. (online prices vary from the brochure)

It’s often hard to review a Musk perfume without being repetitive, but the more I smell the more differences I can ascertain. Body Shop White Musk has White Flowers in it, at least to my nose, whereas with Jovan White Musk, the honeysuckle is pronounced. Avon Soft Musk is more on the Musk and Rose spectrum, but only barely there, since the Musk dominates.  There are powdery notes too, making this cosy and unthreatening. The powder is more Baby than Face.  Despite being marketed as a “Sexy and Deep” Musk perfume, I actually find it very chaste and respectable. It fits the bill for meeting in laws, job interviews and any occasion when you need to persuade people that you are a nice girl that won’t be any trouble.

Soft Musk is a reliable and good value Musk perfume that currently has several layering accessories to accompany it such as talc, lotion and body spray. It would suit any age from eighteen to eighty  and I will not be turning my nose up at my five quid bottle of scent any time soon.

9 thoughts on “Avon Week: Avon Soft Musk”

  1. For the price point it does not get any better than this, right? I also always liked avon’s night magic evening musk…have you tried that one?

    1. I’ve heard Avon Night Musk was excellent and still has its fanbase. You can guess what I’m going to say next can’t you? Yep! they stopped making it years ago. Can’t get it for love or money.

      1. You are killing me! Why oh why did i not purchase extra bottles and keep them hidden in the fridge! Those ten dollar bottles are probable selling on e-bay now for over one hundred-LOL!

  2. That sounds interesting, Brie! Come on IScent! Get sniffing! 🙂

    I’m wondering how you think the Soft Musk would work as a layering fragrance, as with Clair de Musc and White Musk?

    1. Sadly Night Musk has long gone. 🙁
      Yes I agree about layering. Musk is perfect for this. Cheap or pricey, everyone should have at least one for this very purpose.

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