Jo Loves… Gardenia: Lonely Without its Other Half


 This is a beautiful, white, fresh Gardenia that goes on and stays on a long, long time. It’s clean, almost bridal in its purity and as a White Flower note, it’s hard to beat. I was, however, looking for its sister Tuberose. The two are so often seen together that it’s odd seeing one of them alone. No matter, I’ve always secretly preferred Gardenia when faced with the two. It’s nice to see her on her own without her slightly cloying sister.

 I would say this is a very good, unchanging fragrance of a single note. It is a Gardenia linear soliflore. It doesn’t change, but sometimes you want that in a perfume. This is not my favourite Jo Loves, my heart belongs to changeable Pomelo, and I have smelt Gardenia before so many times that I feel, as beautiful and pretty as this is, I’ve been here before.  If you want to smell of Gardenias all day long without having to top up, this is for you.

One thought on “Jo Loves… Gardenia: Lonely Without its Other Half”

  1. Fair Iscent

    A Gardenia ‘soliflore’ interesting and potentially very useful, I’m left thinking this might be very useful for layering – though of course a single scent is all one wants or needs upon occasion…

    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

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