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Jo Loves… is Jo Malone in her new incarnation. Jo Malone the person left Jo Malone the brand in capable hands in 2006, and has gone it alone once again. So much for retirement! Fragrance has a strong pull and it wasn’t long before Jo found herself creating fragrance again.

 Like the beginning of so many good stories, it all began in a bar in New York…

From crushed Mangoes and Limes, Jo’s mind got working as cocktails were created and fruits crushed before her eyes (and nose). Fruit into fruit created new blends and intoxicating aromas, even before they added the vodka.

 Jo Malone the brand is often referred to as perfume for people who don’t like perfume, and many Jo Malone fragrances are based on those found in nature. Now that Jo has “gone rogue” it would seem that she has gone back to nature again, this time with fruits: fresh, citrussy, zingy fruits in many incarnations from Cocktails and Lime zest to suave, crisp Pomelo with its suede-y richness and Rosy base. But it doesn’t stop there. There is also Pink Vetiver, A Shot of Oud Over Mango,  Gardenia and Orange Tulle. Jo Loves…is exactly that: notes and fragrances that Jo is passionate about.  It is very refreshing to see a line of fragrance that is not governed by focus groups and mass markets, but geared to the taste and passion of an individual. . And the kind of creative freedom that can only be coveted.

If Niche means exclusive suppliers (in this case a website and a showroom is all) and a limited line, then this is New British Niche, and as you would expect, it’s very good. Quality is high and is reflected in the price. Good ingredients are worth paying for. The Mango scent that Jo Loves has captured is so mouthwateringly realistic that it induced a genuine craving in me for ripe mangoes.

Since the range is not cheap if you’re buying blind, it would be great if Jo Loves sold a sample or starter kit, since bottles start at £45. The website sells a collection of four 30ml scents for £120 ( see photo above). That’s a lot to spend on a blind buy. You can take my word for it, and read reviews and blogs, but until you try a scent on your own skin you cannot know if it will suit you. You can only make an educated guess. A sample kit would solve this problem, and having tried some samples myself, I can happily predict that samples kits will lead to full bottle purchases. This week I will be reviewing some of the fragrances in more detail.

I am currently wearing Mango Nectar and the temptation to lick my own wrist is almost overwhelming.

It’s only nine months to Christmas, never too soon to start a (very long) wish list…Jo Loves could be the UK’s answer to Frederic Malle and Andy Tauer.


5 thoughts on “Jo Loves…I Love Jo Loves Me Love”

  1. I haven’t smelled any of the Jo Loves scents, purely because the Jo Malones leave me utterly cold. Now I’m going to have do some sniffing. Got any left? 😉

  2. Dearest Iscent

    Fruits other than those that we call citrus are the notes I have the most problems with as a rule, so I would need some tempting in this case, but you have whetted my appetite.

    As always your words are wise and a tester kit – like the admirable one that Etat Libre does – would be a marvellous idea.

    One only has so much money to spend!!

    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy

      As ever, your thoughts are always warmly valued. Like yourself, I am not usually a fan of any but the sharpest of fruits, but Mango Nectar is extraordinary in its vividity. You may also like Pink Vetiver and Pomelo. I did not get on as hoped with her Orange Tulle, nor the Shot of Oud over Mango, but more of which anon.

      Your friend

      1. Dear Iscent
        Yes, one always forgets that the intensity of a mango though sweet is crisp – I can see how this might work know.
        Being generally quite perfumed in my fragrance tastes, if that makes any sense at all, I often tend to be shy of these fruity notes, but you have persuaded me to give Jo a go.
        Your friend as ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

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