7 thoughts on “Worth Courtesan: The Dirty Unmade Bed.”

  1. Well darling girl, at least now you know exactly which scent to spray on if you want to give Mr Scents the ‘come hither’s. 😀

    Of course, since this is a Pierre Bourdon, I adore it. Though since Mr B is also responsible for another ‘eau de gusset’ – Feminite du Bois – I wonder if he has a signature note of ‘stinky pants’? After all, he’s also responsible for that monster of masculine perfumery, Kouros, which of course I adore but I have frequently seen referred to as smelling strangely dirty/clean with all the animalic notes in it. (OK, there are also reviews which mention notes of armpits and urinal cakes.)

    There’s a bit of me that is naughty enough to want to give you loads and loads of Bourdon creations to smell, just to find out if there’s even one you can tolerate. I am so mean! x

    1. Well you saved me from buying Gianfranco Ferre de Ferre by telling me it was similar to Iris Poudre! I tried samples of both and they are SO alike. The only Bourdon I could half tolerate was Feminite de Bois and I think the bit I liked was Christopher Sheldrake’s half!

  2. One day, when I win the lottery and take all my chums en masse to Paris, we shall go and smell the bell jars in the Palais Royale where Uncle Serge keeps his very best scents. Because he famously got dear Mr Sheldrake to fiddle with his formulae and create versions of Feminite du Bois with overdoses of particular elements. So you have Bois et Musc, Bois et Fruits, Bois et Violettes etc. I wonder what you would make of them?

    1. I did try SL Bois de Violettes, which I loved. Not as knickery as the original, and lots of violets to keep me happy. What dreams and fairytales a Paris hoo-hah would be!

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