Jo Malone Orange Blossom for Men And Women: Refreshing Simplicty


Jo Malone is often lauded as being  the perfume brand for people who don’t like perfume. You can see why. With notes found in nature, the brand is typified by its perennial favourite Lime, Basil and Mandarin.  Many perfume fans who can’t bear Aldehydes, Synthetics or Chypres, can stay in their comfort zone with Jo Malone.  Quality is indisputable. Longevity is variable, but that could be true of any brand.

This review is about Jo Malone Orange Blossom.  The beauty of this fragrance is that it does what it says on the tin. You wanted Orange Blossom? You’ve got it. It doesn’t mess around or try and get fancy with Vanilla and Blueberries or Musks, or add soapy Aldehydes you didn’t ask for.  It’s honest.

Although Fragrantica states that this also contains Lilac, Lemon and  Lotus, all I got was rather heady Orange Blossom, with a bright Citrus Orange kick. In my opinion  this is Linear, that is, it’s a one note wonder: unchanging as it lasts throughout the hours.  This is no bad thing, after all, the clue is in the title. It does not mislead, trick or change once you’ve got it on.  Orange Blossom is a strong White Flower note which is often paired with Tuberose.  Both are feminine, clean notes, but both have a headiness and richness bordering on the creamy, and some might say, cloying.

Orange Blossom Jo Malone, however, is light and clean, almost a nod to Eau de Colognes, but it is long lasting, clean smelling, and can be worn all year round. It’s also unisex, and would smell great on the right man, brave enough to shrug off the High Street Miasma and take a bit of nature into the office.

Jo Malone was bought by Estee Lauder in 1999. Jo herself remained at the helm until 2006 when she left to pursue her own interests  Funnily enough, it turned out that she hadn’t quite finished with fragrance after all and her new range Jo Loves is available from her website, and still has the respect of critics (and beauty bloggers).

For an honest, clean, Citrussy Floral, you can’t go wrong with Orange Blossom Jo Malone. It’s a refreshing change from scents with 42 gazillion notes that confuse the poor brain.  Sometimes, simplicity is in order, and it is very welcome.

6 thoughts on “Jo Malone Orange Blossom for Men And Women: Refreshing Simplicty”

  1. Thank you for restoring this to its rightful place in the Dandy’s consciousness – I’ve been piping on about how orange blossom is such a wonderful and neglects fragrance, adoring my evening’s with Caron’s Montaigne and am even moved to try out the de jour Ellie Saab – but you have reminded me of this delightful soliflore with citrus and I’m going to dig it out and give a go right away.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I do like a bit of Citrus! You have prompted me to go upstairs and dig out an as yet untried sample of Caron’s Montaigne.

      Yours Ever


  2. Actually, I think that creating a fragrance that sticks to one accord and keeps that going all day is a heck of an achievement. I am a Jo Malone hater, I’m afraid. When I tested them, I found her fragrances to be insipid – but there again, I tested them when I was in the midst of a full-blown attack of the Monstrous Gourmands and Oriental Spicefests. (I go through phases, what can I say?) Since I’m now out the other side of that and now in a greens and chypres phase, I might be better disposed to try calmer, more genteel scents.
    One for the ‘to sniff’ list.

  3. Yes i must say I don’t much like insipid, except as an antidote to too many Heavyweights. A recent example of a good linear soliflore is Cartier Baiser Vole. Greeen Lily top note, Green Lily middle note and Green Lily base note. It surprised me that i wasn’t keener on it, but as you say, it takes some doing to keep it steady and constant.

  4. This is the only jO Malone that I have in full bottle size…a very acceptable fragrance to wear to work and one that I craved when the bitter winter did not want to end this year!

    1. I must say Jo Malone does excellent simple florals and I also like the new house that Jo Malone the person set up after leaving her eponymous company (I think she sold it to L’Oreal). Her new house, Jo Loves, is worth a look too.

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