The Last Word in Celeb Scents: Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely


 I could not write about Celebrity Fragrance without giving Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely  the attention it deserves. Which is a lot. It’s so good that she could be a perfumer in her own right, fame aside. She was heavily involved in the process from the first meeting with the Lancaster Group, to the final product, more so than any other celebrity behind a fragrance.

 What she has produced is comfortably good enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with the greats. This is a modern classic.

Having recently reviewed Lanvin Rumeur, I can notice similarities. It’s far from being a copy though, as Lovely is not as loud as Rumeur, and if it is ever compared to anything, it’s usually Narciso Rodriguez For Her. I haven’t smelled the latter so I can’t comment. To me though, it’s similar to and as good as Rumeur.

It’s initially a citrus floral, then very quickly a Rose Musk. It is sharp  and spicy without being harsh, and soft without being generic.

Prior to being asked to create a fragrance, SJP used to create her own unique scent from three different sources and mix them herself on her skin. One was an Egyptian oil, the other scent she mixed was a drugstore Musk (BonneBell), and the third was one of my favourites reviewed earlier in this blog: Comme Des Garcons Avignon.

Lovely has a touch of fresh spice, but not in a cumin sort of way, more in a sharp Patchouli sort of way. There is Lavender too, and Orchid, but the floral notes stop there. This is so much more than a Floral, and I love how such a spicy scent has tamed Patchouli into a wearable everyday scent will all traces of harshness gone.

You could wear this in a lift and nobody would pass out. She’s kept it classy and chic. It’s affordable too , but boy it doesn’t smell cheap!

It’s a great combination: tart and spicy yet smooth and floral. Although she worked alongside two established noses, SJP was credited as Creative Director, a rare move in this world of “Sniff’n’Sign”s.

Sadly I did not love her second fragrance Covet, nor Covet Pure Bloom. The Lovely Diffusion Range is another  way of owning affordable good quality fragrance.  I have reviewed Endless, and recently found Twilight to be a soft musk, akin to a watered down version of Obsession for Men. Dawn was gorgeously light and pretty: see my reviews on this blog.

Lovely is as lovely does. A perfect ten. This is money well spent.


4 thoughts on “The Last Word in Celeb Scents: Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely”

  1. I’m so glad you love Lovely too! It’s an impressive scent, I think – it’s my go-to scent for school runs, but it’s also flexible enough to go anywhere. I usually pack it for holidays, as I know I can wear it with confidence. Plus, if it gets confiscated at security, I know I can afford to replace it.

  2. Edit- I just bought a big 100ml bottle of this from Cheap Smells for only 17.99. It’s not very often I come across a fragrance that I cannot live without. This became one of them. I’m a total convert.

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