Celeb Scents 3: Hilary Duff With Love


With Love first came to my attention by having the dubious honour of being the cheapest fragrance in the window of my local bargain store. I thought it was probably awful if it was being flogged off so cheaply, but I went home and looked it up anyway.

The next day I was back and buying a bottle. Now that I’ve used that all up, I’ve just ordered another one. This stuff is pretty good.

I had no idea who Hilary Duff was, so I looked her up too. She was a Disney teen queen,aka Lizzie McGuire, and has sold over 13 million records worldwide. Still in her twenties, I was expecting some sugary sweet concoction aimed at the teen market. Well, it’s funny how the least likely people can end up really impressing you. Hilary Duff has created a wonderful woody, tropical scent that is nothing like anything else I can think of.  In fact its top note, Cocobolo, is only used in this perfume and no other. In case you were wondering, Cocobolo is very hard rosewood used decoratively in knife handles and polished wood ornaments.

With Love smells like aromatic pipe smoke with a hint of mango and spice. It’s almost masculine, but has a base of musk and amber that make it a little more feminine. When launched in 2006, it was in the top three best-selling fragrances in USA department stores. It’s rich and unique and has been critically acclaimed.  I think Ms Duff surprised everybody.

As for the bottle? It should definitely be a prize winner in itself. The chiselled glass bottle is based on an antique ring design that Duff found in an antique shop. The stopper is faux Citrine, and the overall effect is of something created in the 1920s. Unfortunately a common fault across the brand is that the atomiser lid comes off and you need to keep sticking it back on again, but apart from that, this a real hidden gem in every sense.

This has been discontinued  so buy it now before it disappears. This is the perfume that told me not to judge a book by its cover. Or a fragrance by its price tag.


3 thoughts on “Celeb Scents 3: Hilary Duff With Love”

  1. Its still widely available but I have heard three different people tell me its discontinued. Totally worth the money in my view! I just ordered some on Amazon: 30ml for less than six quid. Bargain. Thanks for your comments. It’s nice to know I’m being read by like minded people!

  2. I must smell this, so many people rave about it.
    And I love Hilary Duff – she seems so sensible! She’s a Hollywood mommy now and she has *gasp* taken her time losing her baby weight healthily!

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