Celeb Scents 2: Sarah Jessica Parker The Lovely Collection “Endless”


If there was a prize for being Most Involved Celebrity In Every Stage Of Fragrance Development, it would go to Sarah Jessica Parker. When Lovely was created in 2005, Sarah Jessica Parker was credited as being Creative Director. Whereas many celebrities complete the “Sniff this, Sign Here” procedure, SJP was in the lab, in the boardroom, in the office and all over it.  What she produced (backed by Coty) has been critically acclaimed and widely respected.

I was unimpressed with her follow up, Covet, but when her affordable diffusion range came out, I trusted the brand enough to buy blind. The line consists of Dawn, Endless and Twilight, and this review is for Endless.

Beautifully packaged and affordable, Endless already has two things going for it. I first tried this in the summer, and found it was momentary. It evaporated in minutes. However, I gave it another chance in colder weather and found it really hangs around in Autumn and Winter. With an unmistakable top note of Apple, it’s fresh and crisp. There is also a top note of Ivy but I can’t comment on that as frankly I haven’t a clue what Ivy, as a note, even smells like. I have some on my house and there is almost no smell at all.  So we have crisp apple and some floral notes, probably the Peony . The apple hits the spot and has none of the sweetness or sickliness of some fruit scents, but is refreshing and clean.

When the apple fades slightly, the flowers kick in: the Peony, the Magnolia and the Jasmine. When all this settles you are left with a lovely Rose scented Musk on your skin which has lasting power (in the cold at least). This is sold in the Eau de Parfum concentration for very reasonable prices. The bottle alone would grace any dressing table.

Full marks for presentation and for being very good quality for the low price. Could do better on longevity.

Incidentally, if you find a fragrance too fleeting, spray it on your clothes and hair.


2 thoughts on “Celeb Scents 2: Sarah Jessica Parker The Lovely Collection “Endless””

  1. I have Twilight and love it – it’s a really mucky musk. But it also disappears for a while – goes off, has lunch, buys some shoes – then pops back all dressed up for a party.

    I wear Lovely all the time – it’s my staple ‘school run’ perfume. Fresh on top with a sharp zippy little twist to it and a great musk base, though somehow they get the fresh, appley top to zoom in and out now and then during the day.

    I’ll do lendies. 🙂

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