8 thoughts on “Suddenly Madame Glamour by Lidl: and now for something completely different.”

  1. Your comments about perfume off the back of an album reminds me of my birthday a few years ago. The Husband took our eldest two into Boots, and they sniffed every perfume until they found one they all liked. I really liked it too, and wore it every day until it was all gone. To my everlasting embarrassment, it was JLo perfume:-s

  2. JLo’s Miami Glow gets big rave reviews in the perfume forums. It was changing hands for pretty big bucks on ebay until they re-released it recently.

  3. hi there!! I love reading your column. I spend hours reading it!! So recently, I have fallen in love with Coco Mademoiselle, or the smell of it anyway. I am a huge Prada Amber fan, so I must be loving the patchouli. Anyway – I was reluctant to spend the $100 plus on Chanel, so I opted for some oil dupes first. http://www.haywardenterprises and http://www.frangrancescentsand more. Both good. Then I bought Madame Glamour, which costs way more in the US. Like $15 on ebay. I love it. I keep one in my purse. I also bought the Designer Imposters version of CM. But yesterday, I cashed a birthday check and bought the real thing – Chanel. I have to say, the smell is basically the same but the Chanel packs a bigger punch. But I would say that by 6 hours, it was a skin scent on me and smelled very different than when I first applied it. The bottom line – they are all nice. I love them all and will keep them all. Thrilled to have the Chanel but don’t think I would spend the $100 plus again.

    1. Hi Heather,

      it’s lovely to hear from you. I love how you experiment and shop around to get your fragrance exactly how you like it. I have a little tip of my own: if you like Prada Amber, try Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights in the green bottle. It’s a dead ringer for it and costs a fraction of the price. Keep me posted on any more discoveries you make. i always like to hear about a bargain.

      Sam xx

      1. Sam:
        Hi there from Texas !! Thanks for your reply. You won’t believe this but I also have stockpiled at least ten bottles of Fancy Nights already because I love it so much. I heard it’s being discontinued. Perfumania has a gift set w shower gel, lotion, and a big 3.4 oz for $10. I do think it smells so much like Prada. It’s very long lasting on me. Wonderful to hear from you.

      2. Hi Heather from an uncharacteristically hot South Wales UK! You are a woman after my own heart. Fancy Nights is fabulous, right down to the Vegas style bottle.xx

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