Cabotine cuts through the cold


After yesterday’s grown up lady perfume, I decided I wanted something lighter and more playful as a contrast today.  Cabotine, from Parfums Gres, Paris, is an affordable classic if you like green notes. Created on a budget and with quiet publicity, it’s been a steady seller since it’s creation in 1990.

Despite its “Broccoli” lid, Gres Cabotine is fresh and almost bitter on first spray, but the drydown happens quickly. Its USP is the use of ginger lily. Unfortunately, this rare flower only  blooms for a few weeks each year so continuous production would have been a problem.  However, once a satisfactory synthetic substitute had been found, Cabotine was away and running.

The gingery note is barely perceptible  but enough to stop this from being  a plain common or garden “green” scent. What I get is carnation with the faintest of floral spice, but softened into something wearable and clean scented. A hint of soap, a big bunch of carnations, a pinch of ginger lily and a lasting, floral, green fragrance…that’s Cabotine.

Luca Turin might hate it, but I don’t.


Cabotine is available from our friends at right here and is jolly good value!


2 thoughts on “Cabotine cuts through the cold”

  1. This is a lovely scent and reminds me a little of the now defunct tendre poison, which I had for a while. It packs a floral punch and I really enjoy wearing it,

    1. Hi Lucie and welcome! It’s a good choice I reckon, but sadly gets overlooked. Glad to know someone else appreciates it! x

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