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IScentYouADay: The Journey Will Continue


On January 2nd 2013 I decided to start a blog that reviewed a perfume a day for a year.  My dear friend LisaWordbird kindly brought me half a house full of samples and full bottles that made me faint with a thud.  Bringing me round with a whiff off Muscs Koublai Khan, she explained I could borrow and write about anything I needed. Without her, my blog would have been about ten times harder and I would not have been able to write about any of the amazing gems she has let me borrow.


However, at the risk of sounding like I am explaining that the dog ate my homework, I must confess that I have not managed to write 365 reviews.  I did manage to post 310 blog posts however, so I hope you will forgive me.  I should point out at this point that the missing blogs would have occurred during 14 weeks of school holidays, two weeks away from my trusty  computer, two children’s ear infections and viruses, my own sinus infection which rendered my nose useless and  four nights when I had to hand sew a snowflake costume (the result was more Liberace than snowflake, but my son didn’t mind). Blogs would have been even fewer had the ever patient Mr IScent not been an IT professional who has fixed my glitches in exchange for kisses and hot food.

I have found that blogging about perfume not only gives me the headspace that I need when Imageraising a seven year old and a four year old, but it has taken me to another world where I have encountered many fascinating and kind people from around the globe. I cannot stop now.  It’s addictive.

However it was the rather marvellous Perfumed Dandy  who came up with the idea of writing about 1001 scents.  I am therefore adopting this wonderful idea which also, hopefully, gets me off the hook for not quite reaching my 365 in a year target.

So here you are: IScentYouADay: 1001 days of perfume.

Do you like it?

The Without Whom bit:

I could not have done this without the comments, encouragement and shared anecdotes from my followers on the blog, on Facebook and on Twitter.For everyone who stops by or has a quick read, you have my deep appreciation.

To LisaWordbird, the most selfless fellow fragrance freak I have ever ever met. Her generosity has no limits, and her knowledge has been invaluable. My eyes have been truly opened and my nose has been taken to places I could never have imagined. Thank you.

To the lovely companies who have been kind enough to supply me with samples: Miller Harris, Jo Loves, the Fragrance Shop, LUSH, Yves Rocher and dear, kind Andy Tauer.  None of them have paid me for my opnions, and I should imagine Lush wishes they had paid me to shut up at times. I thank them all.

And finally thank you to the Perfumed Dandy who helped me with the idea of how I could continue seamlessly. My warm thanks to you dear Dandy.


Caron Parfum Sacre: Myrhh and Jewels and Endless Riches


 Caron Parfum Sacre is the kind of perfume that everyone should have in their collection, and by everyone, I mean me.  Despite the fact that it was created as recently as 1991, it smells like something from the 1920s.

Resplendent with Myrhh, Cloves, Cardoman and Pepper, this is almost an Oriental.  Buoyant with Roses, Jasmine and Mimosa, this is almost a Floral.  With a hint of Powdery drydown, this is almost a Chypre.  With a hint of animalic notes in the base (at least on me, anyway), this is a scent of seduction.

It’s hard to decide whether this is that knock out scent you wear when you want to be taken seriously, or when it’s the scent you reach for when you want to reel them in and hook them: (“Come into my parlour”, said the spider to the fly).  Either way, it’s persuasive.

In it’s opening it is dry and spicy, and I half expected to see prickly, spicy Carnation in the notes.  Initially it’s dry and even glacial, but within minutes the heat of vintage-y Myrhh seeps in and the whole picture becomes rounded and full.  Lasting power is excellent and on the wrist to nose addictive-ness spectrum, it scores 100%.

If you like your Orientals deep, dark, intriguing and powdery, you may want to give Caron Parfum Sacre a few moments of your time.  You won’t regret it.  Oh and the pretty bottle! Don’t get me started.  It’s beautiful.  Caron gets it right on every score. The perfect brand.

PS The Perfumed Dandy writes particularly well about Carons and the photos are divine.