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E Coudray Iris Rose: A Perfect Blend

e coudray

E Coudray Iris Rose was just one of twelve scents contained in The Perfume Society Exquisite Essences Discovery Box . I have been dipping in and out and liking what I sniff but this one coshed me with a club and dragged me back to its cave. I’m in love and powerless to fight it.


I have had a chequered past with iris. Some iris scents make me run in the other direction (Editions Frederic Malle Iris Poudre, I’m talking to you) while others drew me in like a smitten kitten. E Coudray Iris Rose is the latter and it has shot to the top of my lengthy wish list, which is no mean feat if you saw how long it is.

Opening unsurprisingly with Iris and Rose, this is a dominantly iris fragrance that reminded me of Chanel No 5, but with fewer aldehydes. Imagine a version of Chanel No 5 where they took almost everything out except the flowers. Now add some musk and violets. If that sounds good to you, then you will love Iris Rose.

According to Fragrantica, there is also Labdanum, vanilla and tonka bean in here somewhere, but I could find no trace. There were violets and heliotrope alongside the iris, which made me think of Guerlain Apres L’Ondee, only this is more floral. The base has musk, woods and patchouli, but its the musk that emerges as the frontrunner when all’s said and done. The iris is like ironed sheets and clean parchment, and has none of the rooty carrotty-ness that it sometimes has in other scents.  The blend of rose and iris together is seamless and beautiful to the point where I feel I should Brangelina its name to Riris or Rosis. There is a hint of powdery lipstick-ness as it finishes with a long lasting flourish and this gives Riris/Rosis a retro feel that cries out for a vintage dressing table.


You can get a sample of E Coudray Iris Rose in the Perfume Society Exquisite Essences Discovery Box. You can buy a full 100ml bottle from Escentual or Amazon UK.


The Perfume Society Exquisite Essences Discovery Box


It’s always a happy day when a Perfume Society Discovery Box arrives and last week I took delivery of the Exquisite Essences Box.  This is an eclectic mix of  hard to find niche, some new arrivals and some lovely surprises. As usual, all 12 scents are beautifully packaged in the trademark Perfume Society white box, wrapped carefully in tissue and supplied with a pad of blotters and handy sniffing notes.

perf soc2

Here’s what’s in this one:

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No 20 2ml EDP spray

A fabulous Damask rose scent that opens with strong bergamot and beds down into a clean, feminine finish with a fruity flourish of pink pepper, used with a light touch.

Dear Rose Song For a Queen 2ml EDP spray

This is the only one I didn’t get along with. It smells  bit like vinyl on my skin. All the notes are right up my street, but on skin, it didn’t quite gel. It has orange blossom, vanilla, leather, bergamot, jasmine, heliotrope and benzoin, so I thought I’d like it. But that’s just me. Worth a try. No response is ever wrong, merely subjective.

Bvlgari Goldea 1.5 ml EDP spray

A combination of precious musk, Ylang and patchouli makes this a warm, golden floral ideal for a summer evening as the sun goes down. Feminine but not heavy, with enough petals to lighten up the musk/patchouli base.

Weleda Agrume 1.5 spray eau naturelle

Smells as clean and wholesome as a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. This has a hint of grapefruit and  a citrussy tang. If you like Biotherm, you might like this too, and it’s all natural.

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Misteriosa 1.5ml EDP spray

Blackberries, white flowers and  a “milk mousse”/vanilla base. This is listed as a fruity oriental. If you like Loewe Quizas Quizas Quizas, you may like this. To me, it’s a warm, sweet fruity floral, almost Autumnal in tone.

E.Coudray Iris Rose 2ml EDP spray

I adored this one. It has a beautiful vintage feel and is ideal for Iris fans. You can see my review here.

Penhaligon’s Equinox Bloom 1.5ml EDP

Perfect for Spring. Bursting with white flowers, but never cloying.  It’s going on my wish list for sure! You can see my review here.

Miller Harris Coeur de Jardin 2ml EDP spray

My favourite Miller Harris from the Le Jardin d’Enfance range.  Sunny days in the garden, hiding in bushes and picking flowers. I have reviewed it here.

Annick Goutal Rose PomPon 1.5ml EDP

A playful rose, fresh and juicy. This is another beautiful gem from trusty Annick Goutal. The bottle itself is gorgeous enough for any dressing table. I reviewed it here.

The Merchant of Venice Byzantium Saffron 2ml EDP splash

With exotic ingredients inspired by the travels of the ancient merchant, this has red saffron,white suede accord, patchouli and amber. It has a spicy, leathery feel it that makes it  a sophisticated choice for man or a woman.

Terry de Gunzberg Terryific Oud 1.5ml EDP spray

This is a sexy, knickery oud. If you like Theo Fennel’s Scent or the mighty Salome from Papillon, you might like this one too. Definitely worth tracking down. This would have passed me by if it hadn’t been in the box, and I’m so glad it was included.

Lorenzo Danta Ferro Fior di Panna 2ml EDP spray

To me, this smelled like a lighter, more floral version of Chanel No 5. Aldehydic and powdery, it cranks up the flowers and tones down everything else. Very feminine with a retro, classic feel. Wear with gloves and a hat. (NB. not woolly ones, think Dior’s New Look).


So that’s 12 beauties to try with something for everyone.   I am having a serious love affair with E.Coudray Iris Rose, a big fling with Annick Goutal PomPom, and a sordid hook up with Terryific Oud.

perfume soc box1 perfsoc3


You can buy these boxes from The Perfume Society website. They are available to subscribers and non subscribers alike, although subscribers get a discount. You can buy them ad hoc too: it’s not compulsory to buy one every month or return anything on approval etc. Unfortunately they cannot ship outside the UK ( or Ireland)  due to postal restrictions.