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Marina Barcenilla Patchouli Clouds: There’s Patchouli, and then there’s Patchouli…

patchouli clouds

One of the many highlights of my trip to the Jasmine Awards was the lovely surprise of bumping into Marina Barcenilla of MB Parfums. I had reviewed Marina’s beautiful scent India only last week, and in fact she had a phial of India body oil in her bag for me as a gift. Marina is as delightful as I’d imagined and it is a pleasure to write about her beautiful scents. Today I’m going to review MB Parfums Patchouli Clouds, because it stopped me in my tracks and made me say “Wow” out loud to an empty room.

patchouli flower_zpsy3n6t9lu

Patchouli is a big old spectrum. The patchouli you find in the base notes of say, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, will be nothing like the unctuous oil you might have bought in the 70s or 80s ( if you are as old as I am), but it’s all patchouli, in some form.

Patchouli Clouds has a wonderful mixture of spice, citrus,  and damp woods. It starts off as an almost musty wet wood, and calms down into a beautifully aromatic earthiness that made me think of forests after the rain and slightly rotten wood.  Believe it or not, I mean that in a good way.  I love the smell of wood in all its stages: crumbly, freshly sawn, still with the bark on: you name it, I like it. There are flowers too: I found jasmine and roses entwined among the earthy bark.

mb parfums allIn Patchouli Clouds, the scent has more in common with the oils from the Indian joss stick stall in Newport market that I hung around in during my teens.  You know the sort of place: you could buy floaty skirts with tiny mirrored sequins on and leather purses with elephants on the front.  The patchouli you could buy there was not in fancy packaging and it smelled more authentic and natural than anything I’ve ever sniffed over a pristine beauty counter.

Patchouli Clouds reinvents that in a less primitive way.  It still has the patchouli kick of earthiness I seek, but it’s blended beautifully with rich florals and incense to ensure that the star of the show really shines with the right chorus in the background.


MB Perfumes Patchouli Clouds is available from the  MB Parfums website, which also has a good sample service. My sample is from Marina herself, for which, many thanks. Opinions are my own.


My Halloween Perfume: Ghost Fart by Possets Perfume


Possets Perfume is a US firm that was founded and run by perfumer Fabienne Christenson. Happily, they ship all over the world.  The perfumes are in oil form, which I believe escapes a lot of the postal regulation hysteria that encumbers us perfume lovers so much. You can follow their blog here. On my other arm I am wearing their perfume oil called “Halloween”. Amazingly, it smells exactly like the black wisps of burnt paper you get floating away from a bonfire.  It smells very authentic, but I am not as enamoured as I am with Ghost Fart.

For a perfume with such an uncouth word in its title, this is rather marvellous with no hint of Southerly Wind at all. If any of you remember the delightful Body Shop Vanilla perfume oil from years ago, you may enjoy this.  The Body Shop Vanilla oil was so Vanilla it was borderline marzipan, which meant that I liked it very much. Hungry people often made eyes at me without knowing why.

 Ghost Fart seems to combine a Marzipan note along with a hint of Chocolate and if I’m not mistaken: Mint. The overall result is of a fragrance I like more than I thought I would, notwithstanding the crude nomenclature.

My bottle was loaned to me by the ever generous Lisa Wordbird, who also gave me a bottle of Possets Gingerbread Whorehouse (Or “Gingerbread  Warehouse” if I’m talking to my son). It’s the perfect perfume to wear if your Gingerbread is shop bought and you want guests to think otherwise.

Ghost Fart is a delightful slightly minty gourmand which I am rather enjoying.  I really hope someone asks me what perfume I’m wearing today. I’m dying to tell them. Prices start at only $12.50.