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Paul Smith Portrait For Women: Where Do You Go to My Lovely?

paul smith portrait

“And you sip your Napoleon brandy, but you never get your lips wet”

I was recently sent a bottle of this by a dear friend of the blog, and of me, Rachael.  For which, many thanks.  Paul Smith Portrait was inspired by his love of travel and photography and Portrait is the result of a collaboration with Barnabe Fillion.

I was unsure what to make of Portrait at first, but the more I have worn it, the more I like it.  My initial thoughts were of roses, and the rest came together later, like a jigsaw.  The roses are restrained and demure,  and stay neatly in their place.  This is a very classy scent that never puts a foot wrong.

The rose note has been coaxed out of its tendency to dominate by the inclusion of bergamot and green tea. These classically green notes transorm the rose into an airy scent with a translucent feel. The middle notes add jasmine to the chorus, establishing this firmly as a green floral.  In fact, the inclusion of the tea note made me think of Penhaligon’s Malabah.

In the base there  nestles clean laundry musks and a hint of resin, although just a faintly spiced toe in the water, rather than fully formed spicy rocks and balsam.

Paul Smith Portrait is subtle, feminine and clean. It’s a gentle floral that will appeal to your girly side when you’re trying to tone down your inner tigress.  Paul Smith Portrait For Women  is that wide eyed face you pull when you say “Who me?  How could you think it?”


Paul Smith Portrait for Women is available from Fragrance Direct  or from the Paul Smith website.

Acknowledgments. Photo from PaulSmith.com.  Opinions are my own Bottle from Rachael P.  Big cwtch from me to you. x


Paul Smith Extreme: The Extreme End of Blah


I’m so glad my bottle of Paul Smith Extreme Woman is only 5ml as I would be bereft to have spent even double figures on this scent. I’ve worn this for a total of three days and I am still non plussed. Its slightly fruity. Its slightly floral. Its slightly liquorice. Its slightly musky. Its slightly citrussy. Its slightly Woody. Its slightly Green.

In other words, its a little bit of every crowd pleaser on the market today all mixed up together in one bottle. Its like a bad fruit punch. Its like adding Lemonade and Ginger Beer and Diet Coke into a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape. All good alone, but terrible together.

Top notes are (according to me) Blackcurrant, Ginger, Bergamot (usually a favourite, but not in this scent), Pepper, Lemon and Vetiver. Oh and Green Tea, which I think always adds a slightly metallic tang to anything its added to. Base notes are a sort of mish mash of everything, with pronounced Ginger and Lemons and Musk and Sandalwood, more Green Tea,  and well….everything else  really.

However, a peculiar thing happened halfway through today. Whilst “accidentally” passing by the Fragrance Testers in Boots *cough*, I sampled Ghost Sweetheart. So utterly vile and dreadful was it, that it made Paul Smith Extreme smell pretty, green and lemony by contrast. So actually, Extreme ain’t so bad when tried alongside something I hated even more.

Unless you have something loathsome that you can wear on your other wrist,  move along, leave this on the shelf and ignore. Its a scent that tried to please all the people all the time and ends up pleasing none. (Well not me anyway!).