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MoodScent 4: Perfumes for a Rainy Day


Welcome to the first joint blogging project by MoodScent4! We are four perfume bloggers based in France, Holland, England and Wales who will be posting on a different joint subject every couple of months.  Each time we will individually pick a selection of five or so fragrances to fit a particular mood or occasion. You’ll find links to the other blogs at the end of the post.

We hope you have fun reading our different choices and adding your own in the comments.

wet rugby
Wales in the rain. NB This is not us.

Dear readers, and by that, I mean my beloved existing readers, and hopefully some new ones too.: Welcome!

I have not been hijacked. I am excited to be a part of a new seasonal collaboration with three excellent bloggers, whom you may already know if you are fume heads, fragonerds or perfumistas.  Megan, Tara, Esperanza and me will all be putting our own take on a scent theme and our first one feels particularly relevant to your favourite Welsh perfume blogger (I hope that’s me).

Wales, as you may know, is very green and lush and this is because it rains like mad. I therefore feel like an expert when I talk about Rainy Day Scents.  Here’s my pick of five rainy day scents and the reasons behind my choices:

1 Library of Fragrance Paperback


Hearing the rain patter against the window makes me long for a window seat and a good book.  In my mind’s eye I am a painting called “woman with book”, but in reality I haven’t got a window seat and I might steal five minutes on my phone Kindle whislt stirring spag bol, feeding the cat and kicking the dishwasher shut  if I’m lucky.

Library of Fragrance Paperback has the vaguely coconutty smell of the aged page of a book.  It’s more Hay on Wye than Waterstones, and I love it for that.  You can read my review here,

2. Miller Harris La Pluie

la pluie pic

You know how some perfume gives you vivid pictures in your head?  La Pluie made me think of cosy houses, red buses and puddles, It’s enormously comforting, despite being inspired by the tropics. I found it terribly, terribly English and thoroughly beautiful.  You can read my thoughts here.

3. Elizabeth Arden White Tea


Not a typo.  Not a drill. The classic Elizabeth Arden Green Tea has a new friend called White Tea, which I tried earlier last week.  You may recall my post about floaty white fragrances, and had this been known to me then, I most certainly would have included it.  Elizabeth Arden White Tea is a soft, clean musk that makes you feel like you are wearing clean white cotton and living in clean white rooms: neither of which matches the reality of my life, but this scent is the one I want to wear when the weather’s gone to hell outside and I want to feel calm within.

4. Marina Barcenilla India


I reviewed this gorgeous spicy woody scent recently and it is exactly what you need when the rain is lashing down outside and you want to remember what heat and warmth smells like. This will make you feel snug as a bug in a rug.  On my skin, India unfolds like a dance of the seven veils.  How it starts is not how it ends, which also sums up the kind of film you should curl up and watch whilst wearing this cosy blanket of a scent.

4160 Tuesdays Aquamarine Wave

mermaid red

When I reviewed this recently, the working name was Sea Goddess. It’s not officially released yet, as it’s part of a crowd funding project that you can take part in.  However, this is the best marine scent I think I have ever smelled and when the drizzle through the window looks unwelcoming, it’s good to remind myself that summer days on the beach will be mine to enjoy soon.  One day.  Maybe not today,  Maybe not tomorrow.  Maybe not until August, but one day. And Wales has ALL the best beaches.

Find out what my MoodScent 4 colleagues have to say on rainy day scents right here:

Tara’s blog A Bottled Rose

Megan’s blog : MeganinStMaxime

Esperanza’s blog L’Esperessence

I am particularly delighted that this piece marks my 800th post on this blog.  I can think of no lovelier way to mark it than by collaborating with these three wonderful bloggers.  Moodscent 4 will be a seasonal and occasional project throughout the year, so I do hope that you will enjoy this one and look forward to the next one.

PS Normal Iscentyouaday service will be resumed tomorrow.

How about you?

What are your favourite rainy day scents?  Do let us know.  We’d love to hear from you.



IScentYouADay wins a Real Neat Blog Award!


Well I’m tickled pink to be nominated for a Real Neat Blog Award by dear MeganInStMaxime, who writes beautifully about perfume and life in the sunny South of France.  The Real Neat Blog Awards were started by DearKitty and I am delighted to participate. Thank you Megan, and thank you Kitty!

Here are the rules for accepting a real neat blog award  (Naturally participation is optional)  1) Put the award logo on your blog. 2) Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you. 3) Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs. 4) Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs. 5) Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)

Since Megan nominated me, she has sent me seven questions, which I am happy to answer.

1)What is your most developed sense?

Well my eyes are getting worse now I’m 45 and I always have to wear glasses to read so much as a price tag.    I guess it has to be the nose! And taste, because I love food. ( a bit too much)

2) London / Sydney / New York or Tokyo and why?

I’ve never fancied Tokyo- too noisy and buzzy, and Oz scares me because  it just looks enormous and overwhelming ( although I’m a big fan of Kath and Kim). I love London and lived there for five years in my twenties when I was single.  It was a fantastic time: turbulent, colourful and eventful and when you go off the beaten track it is truly a stunning city, almost like a separate country.  New York is top of my wishlist- I’ve never been and fully plan to, so New York and London in joint first place!

Little Venice, London. Photo by inagist.com
Little Venice, London. Photo by inagist.com

3) What are your thoughts on climate change?

I think we have become a wasteful, disposable society and we have moved on far too drastically from the make do and mend generation. I find it sad that a tree was chopped down to make paper for food wrapping that is thrown away minutes after eating it.  It’s all too easy and I think we should learn a few lessons from older generations who reused everything and never threw it away unless it was on its last legs.

4) Who is your favourite old school glamour movie star and what is your favourite film that they appear in?

You can’t beat Bette and Joan.  Together or apart. “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” is a gothic classic.  For sheer beauty and charm though, it has to be Marilyn in Some Like It Hot.  And for poignancy and because I love her, Celia Johnson in Brief Encounter.


5) What could you survive one year without buying – clothes, shoes, books or cocktails?

Definitely cocktails.  Not since having children. Just can’t mix my drinks anymore…

6) What is the most over rated book in your opinion?

I did my degree in English Literature and I can say, hand on heart, that Middlemarch and Romola could not hold my attention after many, many attempts (with apologies to George Eliot).  And I eschew chick lit.


7) Name your favourite super hero movie.

I have to watch a lot of these as my sons are aged 5 and 8. Yesterday we saw Big Hero 6, which was brilliant.  There are two I like.  The first one is Avengers Assemble  (Hello Robert Downey Jnr!) and the second is the unintentionally hilarious 1966 Batman move starring Adam West and Burt Ward.  It’s currently on UK Netflix and I laughed til I cried.


And Now I Nominate…

The blogs I nominate  for A Real Neat Blog Award are all wonderful, articulate blogs that always have something of interest to say whenever I drop by for a nose around.  They are EauMG,  Undina’s Looking Glass,  and AllIAmARedhead.

Here are your questions:

  1. Cats or dogs?
  2. What do you smell like right now, name everything you smell of.
  3. What could you survive one year without buying – clothes, shoes, books or cocktails?
  4. What are you doing tonight? (not a propostion!)
  5. If I gave you five thousand pounds to go on holiday tomorrow, where would you go?
  6. What’s the one bottle of perfume that you would never part with?
  7. What was the last film you saw in a cinema?

Thanks again Megan and happy sniffing everybody!