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L’Occitane Roses et Reines: The Sublime Queen of the Roses


One of my favourite Christmas presents this year was a box of miniature perfume that my lovely friend Rachael bought me from L’Occitane.  Not only do I love the brand,  but almost nobody ever buys me perfume.   Maybe they labour under the misapprehension that I already have “enough”? You and I know there’s no such thing when it comes to perfume.

Loccitane box

L’Occitane Roses et Reines is a radiant fruity floral. It just about zings off my skin like rosy sunbeams and wafts pleasantly about in my wake.

Now although I’ve called it a fruity floral, make no mistake. This is first and foremost a  big, gorgeous, girly rose, but it is supported by a  bijoux fruit bowl that brings out the different facets.

mini roses

There’s raspberry: one of the more delicate of the red fruits. It’s not bold or overly sweet like strawberries or pink pepper. Out of all red fruits and berry notes, raspberry is just about the only one I really enjoy. It complements the rose particularly well.

Secondly, there’s a touch of apricot. Apricot has the fruity heart of peach without the overly sweet aspect, nor the frequent synthetic territory that peach often wanders into.  There’s bergamot too, but I only noticed this when the perfume first bloomed on my skin. It’s a tart accompaniment that sets the tone. This rose may be as feminine as a ballerina, but it’s never sickly or cloying.

roses et reines

Roses et Reines has a wonderful vintage feel to it. The beautiful bottle itself runs with the heritage motif and would look at home on any dressing table, especially mine. This is a wonderful, classic rose. The fruit adds a playfulness, and the base gives me a whisper of good old fashioned powdery notes. There’s nothing about L’Occitane Roses et Reines that I don’t love.



You can buy Roses et Reines from L’Occitane stores and online. You can also buy L’Occitane products at John Lewis and Amazon UK to name but two.  My beautiful mini was a gift and opinions are of course, my own.


L’Occitane en Provence: L’Arlesienne



This beautiful scent was found in mini bottle form in my lovely Perfume Society Discovery Box, complete with dinky little flowery box.  L’Occitane is known for their nature based scents such as vetiver, rose, lavender and Verbena.  There are lots of florals in the range, but nothing ever smells synthetic.  I have yet to find a L’Occitane I didn’t want to own- and there are a lot of them!


My very first unedited thought when trying L’Arlesienne was “rhubarb!”  Just like Hermes Jour D’Hermes  (see my review elsewhere on this blog,) rhubarb pops up unbidden, despite not being listed as a note.  My theory is that it is begat (or begotten?) from the juxtaposition of other ingredients and whoops! an accidental bonus note of rhubarb has emerged.  Thus it is with L’Arlesienne.  The rhubarb in this case emerges flanked by hints of white tea, soap and rich heady roses, leaving a narcotically rich floral on my skin.

Lasting power is pretty good at around five hours and  although the roses dominate there is still a fruity-ness about this that it neither unpleasant or mass market, but reminds of a beautiful summer garden, bees, pollen, rhubarb, roses and all.


L’Occitane L’Arlesienne is available from the L’Occitane website, as well as store branches which you can find here.  You can also find a good selection of L’Occitane gift sets on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.