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Shay & Blue London: Framboise Noire

framboise noire

Shay & Blue London continues to impress me with high quality fragrance and stunning packaging. Today I tried Framboise Noire and it was no exception. Normally, I’m a gourmand dodger with a few notable exceptions, but Framboise Noire really turned my head.

It opens with red berries and raspberries, which again, is something I would normally dodge. In my opinion, the vanilla and red berries combo has been done to death and often ends up smelling like a sticky mess, but Framboise Noire couldn’t be further from that.


Imagine sticking your nose into a glass full of fruity red wine. It’s sweet, but not sickly. Boozy, but not overpoweringly so. Now add some delicately dark, but not burnt, caramel tones and you have a juicy aromatic warmth that beds down into a faintly musky finish.

But hang on- there’s a surprise! When this silky fruitness has died down, a gentle oud note raspberriescomes out, adding a nice earthy tone, almost dirty, but not quite. Put all this together and you have wonderful fragrance that changes as you wear it and gives raspberries a new sophisticated twist. It’s like a very expensive dessert with a good glass of Beaujolais alongside it. Heaven.


You can buy Shay & Blue London Framboise Noire, along with other scents from the range from your local Marks and Spencer in store or online. If it’s not in, you can get it via click and collect in about a day. I got my sample from a Perfume Society Discovery Box ( I think it was Secret Scentsations). You can get a sample of Shay & Blue London Blood Orange in the more recent Perfume Society Eaux La la Discovery Box.


Photos: Top photo from Fragrantica, photo of caramel from www.davidlebovitz.com, photo of raspberries from www.wascene.com. Photo of Eaux la la Discovery Box from The Perfume Society.

Dior Poison Girl: I tried..really I did.

poison girl

I’m a big fan of Dior Poison. If you ever want to smell what the eighties smelled like, get yourself a bottle of this tuberose/jasmine nuclear bomb. It’s a classic. I also love Hypnotic Poison, which is as different as could be, but a beauty in its own right. Therefore I approached Dior Poison Girl with an open mind and friendly wave. But sadly, we are not going to be friends.

Trying Dior Poison Girl made my heart slump in the same way as YSL Black Opium did. I love Opium, and when I tried Black Opium I felt like I had been bitten and scratched and told to scram. Poison Girl had much the same effect.


Opening with bitter orange, yet still being overly sweet, Poison Girl blossoms like a generic fruity floral, and indeed there is a whiff of those roses in there somewhere. However, the vanilla, super strength if you please, soon barges in and plonks itself down rudely. After that it takes over. There is some almond in there, which dares to peek in, but to me it smelled more like coffee and chocolate. I usually like almond: done with a light hand it can be creamy and nutty, but not here. Here it smells like a 4D Augustus Gloop Experience. I’m drowning in it and I long to go up the pipe and escape.

Sillage wise, this falls somewhere between Angel and Coco Mademoiselle parfum strength. I’ll quit before IT does.

I predict this will be a big seller, in the same vein as YSL Black Opium and Thierry Mugler Angel. It has the fruity floral hook, followed by the sweet, sweet, SWEET gourmand punch that knocks you out and sticks around. There’s a definite taste for that now, and I can’t argue with sales figures.  But subjectively? I’ll pass on this one.  When I say “pass” I mean “swerve dramatically.”

Dior Poison Girl, I wanted to like you, but we’re never going to be friends.


Dior Poison Girl is available from House of Fraser, John Lewis and Debenhams to name but a few.