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Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint Germain: Unexpected Surprises

diptyqye 34

This fragrance came about as the result of a mad idea: capture the scent of the original shop at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain and make it into a perfume.  Diptyque

Diptyque’s 34 Boulevard St- Germain was created to honour and remember the original shop where it all began: the scent of its wooden panels, resins and that unmistakable scent that only a cloistered interior can seem to conjure and retain.

The idea behind this fragrance was that it would take many of the classic facets of Diptyque bestsellers and wrap them into one fragrance, in order ot recreate the air inside the shop.  Imagine if they did it with LUSH (sherbet flowers) or L’Occitane (fruited tea and roses) or Starbucks (coffee beans and chocolate).  I’d buy them all.

diptyqye 34 detailing

I am woefully unfamiliar with many Diptyque scents so I can’t comment on whether this is an olfactory collage or not. However, what I can tell you is that the notes did not represent my impressions at all.  In the same way, you can look at music score and hum the tune, but it won’t sound the same when it’s played by a symphony orchestra.

I was expecting a masculine, spicy, woody scent, reminiscent of a Savile Row tailor. After all, there were wooden panels and resins and spices within.  However, what I actually get from this fragrance is an uplifting and feminine scent.


34 Boulevard Saint Germain opens with citruses which are vivid and restorative. These team up with bright, fresh green notes from fig and eucalyptus giving the impression of the world’s most uplifting herbal tea. I smelled grapefruit, lemon and orange.  This bright, feel-good opening is almost immediately coupled with a feminine bouquet of peppery geraniums, along with roses, jasmine, iris and violet. I found the floral accord to be the most dominant of all, and radiantly beautiful.

The base is wood, resins and eucalyptus, but to be honest t, this stays true and sharp and never falls into heavy woody territory as I imagined it would. Towards the final act, I could smell that wood panelling, but this remained an intriguing unisex mélange of flowers, citrus and  a lightly spice woody finale.

Diptyque 34 Boulevard St Germain is an intriguing scent that I’ve spent three days wearing and trying to describe. It’s full of contradictions and utterly addictive.  It also has a hugely sunny  outlook- maybe it  was all those citruses that  radiate and linger. I would definitely buy a great big full bottle.


You can buy Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint Germain from John Lewis or the Diptyque website. There is of course,  a matching candle too. Sample is my own, as is my opinion.

Diptyque Tam Dao  


I had the privilege of trying my first ever Diptyque scent today.  This is what happens when you meet up with Lisa Wordbird in a well known coffee house (that smelled like a boudoir by the time we’d finished our coffee).

My very first impression of Tam Dao was “Fig”, but there is no Fig.  I must be trigger happy now that I can (allegedly) identify Fig as I smell it in everything.  In any case, Tam Dao is actually mainly Sandalwood, but thanks to its figgy note, it’s a grown up, sexy, powdery, aromatic incense-like Sandalwood.

It last and lasts and is still going strong four hours later, not even just close to skin- just giving little wafts every time I move.

The notes according to our trusty friends at Fragrantica are :

Top notes: Rose, Myrtle and Cypress.

Middle notes: Sandalwood and Cedar

Base notes:  Musk, Amber, Spice and Rosewood.

It smells very Seventies to me, which is no bad thing.  People wore neat patchouli oil, cheap and cheerful chypres and a lot of musk and sandalwood back then. No bad thing at all.  Tam Dao is a melange of all of these things and its dusty Musky Sandalwood tones are keeping me welcome company today. You haven’t heard the last of me, Diptyque.