Unbelievably Good (and Cheap!) : Yves Rocher Vanille Bourbon

Have you ever tried an inexpensive perfume that was so good you thought you’d been undercharged? That’s how I felt when my little Yves Rocher consignment arrived recently. Tucked away on the website is a small selection of excellent 20ml scents that cost me only £4 a bottle. Vanille Bourbon was one of them and all I can say is Crikey Moses, this is good stuff.

Now vanilla, as you know, can smell like cheap candles  or like delicious buttery boozy liqueur that makes you want to swoon. You have to try a lot of bottles to find the latter and this one falls into that category.

Despite being an eau de toilette, Vanille Bourbon lasted ages on my skin and I was getting delightful wafts up to five hours later when I found myself sniffing the air and saying “mm, someone smells nice,” realising later that it was me.  I was the someone.

The only note listed for this fragrance is vanilla, but that’s a wide net.  This has facets of woods, soft musk, some unidentifiable floral notes, and an edge of smoky toasted sugar, like the singed edges of a Crème Caramel.  For a fleeting second, it smelled like spiced whisky, but overall, I would call this a milky, musky, floral and a very, very rich (kazillionaire) vanilla. It’s as satisfying as a mouthful of good crème brûlée and cost me a mere £4. Yes, I had change from a fiver. Well, I would have if I hadn’t bought four others in the range, more of which anon.

Yves Rocher Vanilla Bourbon is fantastic value and a dream of a vanilla scent. Not a cheap candle in sight.


Yves Rocher Vanilla Bourbon 20ml EDT is only £4 from the Yves Rocher UK website. I won’t be parted from mine.



8 thoughts on “Unbelievably Good (and Cheap!) : Yves Rocher Vanille Bourbon”

  1. I first tried it in one of their shops (in France, alas). I usually get to one (via work) at least once a yeat and have a squirt of whatever is new. Have you tried their Rose Oud yet?

    1. Aha! It was in my moderation queue! I don’t know why. I even have to approve my own comments on the blog since my Spam filter went Boom. I’m goiing to review that one soon. I’ve got a little sample. xx

  2. I have ordered a bottle, hoping it will be a teensy bit like Guerlain’s Spiritueuse Double Vanille. Ooops, and a pack of three shower oils fell into my basket as well!

    1. I’ve tried that one and it’s richer and darker than this, but I am positive you won’t be disappointed, and anyway, even if you are, it’s that cheap, right? Whoops a daisy about the extra goodies falling inte your basket! xx

  3. Cheap usually gets my attention too! I’m not sure if YR are active in South Africa. I hope so, because it means you are about to bag bargains!

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