Ten Bottles Please: L’Absolu Narciso Rodriguez for her EDP 2015


Narciso Rodriguez is a rare thing these days: a brand that is as popular with critics as it is with fans.  Even the big name bestsellers have their fair share of critics, but the NR range appears to be pretty universally loved, like Joanna Lumley or Sir David Attenborough.

I was recently sent a sample of L’Absolu NR For Her, (Patsi, was this from you? If so, thank you!)  and despite there being many, many NR flankers, they are good enough to stand alone and are not merely mass churned money spinners.  Narciso Rodriguez Poudre is a particular favourite of mine ( see why here).

labsolu for her

L’Absolu turns up the volume on three of my favourite notes. It opens with powdery tuberose and jasmine, making a fluffy edged cloud of creamy white flowers. The background of white musk starts emerging slowly until it joins the white flowers in size and volume. White flowers and white musk together needs a bit of grounding,  so along come robust patchouli to anchor it down and give this a musky, musty, loud but chic accord that makes me want bottles and bottles of it. There’s a bit of aromatic sandalwood in there too, which just sort of smooths the edges a bit.

labsolu bottleWhat I love about this is that fact that there are many fragrances with jasmine sambac and patchouli out there, and they smell platitudinous i.e. so familiar they all smell the same. Usually, they add vanilla too.

With L’Absolu Narciso Rodriguez For Her, this doesn’t happen.  The ingredients are blended beautifully into a final accord that smells like white soap, clean musk, earthy patchouli, and big tuberose, all in one big beautiful long-lasting flourish.

This makes me feel impeccable, like a proper lady. It won’t go with my school run outfit of jeans and a stripy top. This is what I will wear with grown up clothes and everyone will admire me and want to do my bidding because I am so chic.  When a perfume makes you feel this good, you need to buy it all.


L’Absolu Narciso Rodriguez For Her eau de parfum is available from The Fragrance Shop UK, allbeauty and Escentual. Sample was a gift from friend of the blog and of me, Patsi. xxx  Opinions are my own.


16 thoughts on “Ten Bottles Please: L’Absolu Narciso Rodriguez for her EDP 2015”

  1. Glad you liked it pet. I would have liked it (and other NR perfumes) more if the tuberose element was a little less – i am not a fan of the tuberose unfortunately. xx

    1. My dear Patsi, always a joy! I love that you don’t love tuberose. Lucky me! I thought this was gorgeous so I thank you for putting it under my nose so to speak. xxx

  2. Sounds nice. Must have a sniff. I have (and love) the original edp and the Poudre so I am guessing this will appeal too. P.S. platitudinous is a great word. I’m going to use it at some point today😄

    1. You clearly have amazing taste already if you like the original and the Poudree (and so do I!). I love the word platitudinous and ever since I learned it, I’ve been trying to shoe horn it in into a sentence. Yay!

      1. I’m the same with the word ‘oderiferous’. Heard it in ‘Lady in the Van’ when Alan Bennet describes the smells wafting from the old lady as an ‘oderiferous concerto’. 😂

  3. Oh Sam, you’re a terrible woman. 😜You’re responsible for me buying a bottle of this unsniffed! I take absolutely no responsibility at all.😇I have the original edp and love it so I’m happy to give this a whirl.

    1. Bwah ha ha! That’s my villain’s laugh. I might be having trouble with my Christmas List this year. The ole blog has put a lot of temptataion my way. I hope you like this or I’ll feel guilty, but I’m sure you will. Let me know xxx

      1. This is my third attempt to post here so 🤞

        Today I’m wafting about in clouds of cuddly womanliness. It’s immediately identifiable as NR as it has an undercurrent of the EDP and Narciso. I’m not really getting much tuberose, it’s obviously very well-behaved, but the jasmine adds a lovely element of floral sweetness. There’s also some powder there. It’s not a loud or heavy fragrance on me, but then I subscribe to the go big or go home ethos. I’m very happy to have taken the chance on this as I can see it being worn often. I’m totally smitten. So, any guilt you may have been feeling is now assuaged, and you can sleep easy in your bed. 😉 Thanks for the heads-up.

  4. Hi again

    Well today I’m wafting around in clouds of cuddly womanliness. It’s immediately identifiable as NR, there’s an undercurrent of the original EDP and also Narciso. I’m not really smelling much tuberose, mind you – it’s obviously very well-behaved, but the jasmine adds a beautiful element of floral sweetness, and I’m getting a small hit of powder. It’s not at all heavy and I can see myself wearing this just about anywhere. But then, I subscribe to the go big or go home ethos. I love it and I’m glad I took the chance on this so any guilt you may have been feeling is now assuaged. You can sleep easy in your bed.
    I think you need to put this at the top of your Santa list!

    1. Dear Casieflower, Thank you so much for giving me your review. You are so good at this. Do let me know if you ever want to do a guest post. Like you, I love a powdery note and your description is spot on. I love how grown upn this makes me feel. Dear old Narciso Rodriguez has yet to let me down! Waft away dear friend, I am sure all you encounter will enjoy your beautiful scent! xxx

      1. Oh, it did post the first time, so please excuse the double reply. I was having trouble logging into WordPress and my comment disappeared so I thought it was lost.

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