4 thoughts on “For the Love of Chocolate: Tried and Trusted Chocolate Fragrance”

  1. Nice! I have always fancied trying DSH but am worried about shipping and tax. Once bought a bottle of Ann Pliska from Luckscent in the US and paid almost as much for shipping and taxes as I did on the bottle! Baiser Fou is on my to buy list – love the stuff. I own Covet and have 2 other choccie perfumes; Pacifica’s Mexican Cocao and Comptoir’s Coco Vanille (think that’s what it’s called). I hardly wear the latter as it’s a bit sickly for me. Xxx

  2. Thank you so much for loving Dark Moon ( I think we have the same ideas about a perfect lunch!!) 😉
    And yes, you ARE nice like that; thank you for wanting to share XXOO

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