Yardley London Royal Pink Diamond

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I often find Yardley scents off the beaten track on the High Street and this is a shame because they deserve to be centre stage. If you go into Boots for example, there’s a wall of testers (all locked up these days. Humph) and a totally separate shelf around the corner for the lower budget scents, including the Yardley range.  Needless to say,  I spend more time in this aisle than I do pressing my nose agaisnt the locked glass shelves of  testers.

Yardley Royal Pink Diamond is an excellent fruity floral that deserves to sell like hot cakes on a cold day.  Let’s start with that darling little bottle: it’s cute as a button with its fancy lid and pink juice. I can see that it’s designed to appeal to the, shall we say, under forty-seven age group, but I really like this and am sorely tempted to add it to the many bottles on my groaning dressing table.

royal pink diamond

Yardley London Royal Pink Diamond opens with tempting summery fruits: peach, cassis and mandarin. These are juicy and clean, rather that sickly and sticky.

Early on in this, the cedar pops up and adds a few woody notes to the melange of fruit.   Just as I’m getting used to fruity and woody together, along come the peonies and orange flower.  There is also pink pepper, which is pretty much a ubiquitous note in fruity florals and is a tiny sweet berry, not a spice.  The woodsy base seems to get bigger and bigger until the cedar pretty much takes over. Personally, I don’t mind this, but you might. However, there’s a lovely clean white musk note that turns up later and hangs around for a while., keeping the flowers and fruit company  as they fade.

At under £20 for a 50ml bottle, this is a great gift for someone else or for yourself, and I’m a big believer in gifts for oneself!

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I feel quite protective about the Yardley name.  So many um…under forty sevens might think of it as a “Nan-brand” but it takes talent, stamina and innovation to have been making fragrance since the 1770s and still be going strong.  Yardley London Contemporary Classics has produced some of the best single note florals ever. I swear by Yardley April Violets, Yardley English Lavender ( which Marilyn Monroe wore, fact fans- not just Chanel No 5) and Yardley Jade. I also loved Yardley Bluebell and Yardley Freesia. They’re reasonably priced and you can wear them alone or layer them for a little bouquet on your skin.  What can I say? I’m a fan.

from www.YardleyLondon.co.uk
from www.YardleyLondon.co.uk

Stockists: Yardley London Royal Pink Diamond is available from the Yardley website or from Amazon UK.  I found my sample in the Perfume Society Latest Launches Discovery Box, which you can read about here.


8 thoughts on “Yardley London Royal Pink Diamond”

  1. I was looking at the Yardley section of my local Boots only last Friday. Gave myself a generous spray of the English Lavender…wow, it hasn’t changed and the lavender smell is as amazing as ever. Kept me calm for my food shop in Asda, kept sniffing my hand 🙂

    1. Ah Barry. I too am an Asda shopper and shall be using your tip next time I venture in. I like Asda because i’m used to it and I can find my way around, but there are too many other people shopping there. They should close it just for me so I can shop in peace. I mean, I’m not asking for the moon here.

  2. Glad that you are giving Yardley credit where it’s due. Just because it’s not a “sexy” brand, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have loads of gems to be discovered. Will look out for this one.

    1. I totally agree! There’s so much from yardley that gets overlooked but they do the best things very well and very simply.

  3. I love a good Yardley. Jade is beautiful. And obviously their English lavender is a classic. I also like iris that they used to do, but I think it’s discontinued now. You’re right it’s strange how such a strong brand to have survived all this time is relegated to the cheap perfume aisle.

    Can’t see me looking out this one though. I’m done to death with fruity anything. I want perfume to smell like perfume. Feet first into the old bag category!

    1. Dear Rachael, I feel the same but in the end there were too many fruity flroals for me to fight and I do occasisonally succumb to a good one now and then. Like you, I am proud to be an old bat and my heart belongs to mossy green chypres. xx

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