Thierry Mugler Aura: The Mugler I’ve Been Waiting For

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A new Mugler female fragrance is big news in perfume land. There have been flankers a plenty, but only three big ones since gamechanger Angel barged in and took over beauty counters in 1992: Alien, Womanity and this one: Aura.

It was in 1995 that I first tried Angel in the Harrods Perfume Hall, which seemed such a good place to try a Mugler for the first time that I did it again on Saturday.  I managed to sweet talk the lovely Sales Assistant in the Harrods Perfume Hall into not one but two samples of Aura.   Also, it provided brief respite from supercar spotting with my son in Knightsbridge.

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Aura has two brand new ingredients that were invented to fox bloggers and perhaps to ensure a lack of imitation.  When you think of how many big patchouli gourmands Angel inspired, it’s hard not to expect the same here.  However, Aura is not so easy to describe.

It opens with rhubarb and orange flowers.  I love rhubarb in fragrance.  If you have ever smelled Jour D’Hermes or Aedes de Venustas original then you will know how fabulous it can be.  It has a kind of  vegetal autumnal fruitiness that is perfect alongside the other ingredients in Aura.  The orange flower is to my nose, very girly and has facets of clean white soap alongside its typical white-flower headiness.

Photo by Mugler.Fr
Photo by Mugler.Fr

The two secret ingredients are Wolfwood from Firmenech (The flavour and fragrance  brand) and Tiger Liana, which  is totally going to be my stripper name if times get tough.

Tiger Liana alleges to be a smoky sugared almond note, but it’s hard to pick out a note I’m only guessing at, so in all honesty, I can’t tell you if it’s there or if my brain is putting it there .  I can pick out some wonderful dry, smoky woods, but I don’t know if its Wolfwood or just dry, smoky woods. In any case, the woody notes are there alongside the big. big orange flower, which I found to one of the most prominent notes in Aura.

photo from Fragrantica
photo from Fragrantica

The strongest overall impression Aura gave me was one of huge, juicy leaves in a rainforest with added gourmand and floral facets that frame  this green scent for the modern palate.   Aura has a wonderful “wetness” note to it that smells as leafy as the bottle is green.

As for the vanilla bourbon, well I didn’t really notice that until the end of the day when the leafy footprints  had faded and left only a rich vanilla liqueur in its place.   Longevity, by the way, is excellent.  I wore two sprays from morning until night.

Of all the Muglers, this is my favourite.   I don’t think it will be the game changer Angel was, but I think it’s one of the most palatable of the Muglers and the turned-down volume of it will be a crowd pleaser.   As for the  chiselled green jewel of a bottle -it is a huge divine emerald, which, if it were real, would be unapologetically vulgar and would look great on my third finger.

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My verdict? This is my favourite Mugler, but not the best. The best one is Angel, but that’s not my favourite.

Further reading: Thomas Dunckley, aka The Candy Perfume Boy, is for me, the last word on Mugler.  Here’s his review of Aura, which, and I’m not just saying this, is better than mine.  Please don’t enter it in the Jasmine Awards Thomas. I’d like an outside chance next year.


This launches on June 30th and will be widely available. You can currently pre order it from The Fragrance Shop UK.   You should be able to find it post launch  from John Lewis and Escentual to name but two.  The bottle is refillable, which I totally applaud in this wasteful day and age.


13 thoughts on “Thierry Mugler Aura: The Mugler I’ve Been Waiting For”

      1. Absolutely. I am hoping we will see this one next year. In the meantime I am enjoying some other Mugler fragrances – Kryptomint, Alien Essence Absolue and Alien Eau Sublime.

  1. So, your description with floral and forest is giving me a feel of cacharel’s eden, but I know you hate that, so more forestry and less synthetic? I might have to track it down and smell it myself.

    I first smelt angel in Paris and despite the sales assistants assurances it would be bigger than Chanel I couldn’t believe people would even like it, shows how wrong I can be. Funny how you don’t forget where you smelt it though, a bit like Diana dying or 9/11. Angel’s not my favorite.

    1. Dearest Rachael, I know exactly what you mean. I didn’t get all the fuss about Angel but I have massive respect for it as a game changer and just for its sheer stamina- it’s in its third decade now. You’re in the UK aren’t you? Why not email your address to me at and I’ll post you my other sample. xxx

      1. Thank you ever so much. That’s a lovely offer. My obsession knows no bounds though and I snuck off my London meeting yesterday to sniff. Sadly, for me again the Mugler house doesn’t quite hit the mark. I think alien is my closest to liking, but it’s not something I’d choose to wear. Strange how they’re considered amazing by most. I’m missing something here.

        More training for my hooter I think, this just means more sampling. It’s a tough life.

  2. I do love Angel and I would love to smell this. I’m not expecting the big game changer that Angel was. But what I really love at the moment is that bottle, for which I would buy this perfume alone, regardless of how it smelt. Truly bottle porn.

    1. I know exactly what you mean abotu the bottle. It’s like a giant emerald. I also feel similarly about Marc Jacobs Decadence. The scent is OK but that handbag shaped bottle is glorious!

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