Shay & Blue Dandelion Fig: The Scent of the Garden

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If you spent hours playing in the garden as a child, you may well stop in your tracks and think that Shay & Blue London Dandelion Fig is like a Tardis, taking you back there. That’s certainly the effect it had on me.

dandelion figShay & Blue London make the kind of scents you always wished people would make. Dandelion Fig is one of those.  It’s not a fruity floral and despite its fig notes, not really a gourmand, although the scent of it certainly made my mouth water.  Dandelion Fig takes every refreshing and earthy note from the garden (and not necessarily a neat garden) and brings them all together in one uplifting, leafy, earthy accord.

Dandelion Fig opens with dandelion and lemongrass. When I was growing up, there was a rumour that picking dandelions would make you wet the bed. As a result, they were often seen, sniffed and never picked, at least not until they became clocks.

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The handy thing about dandelions, and one of the reasons why I love this fragrance, is that dandelions provide dock leaves.  Dock leaves when crushed can cure the heat of nettle rash when you’re playing out all day and can’t be bothered to go home and get Germolene (another great smell, if you ask me).  It’s left me with a lifelong liking for green leafy notes in fragrance.

Like THIS!
Like THIS!

After the dandelion there is tomato vine and lemongrass.   You may recall my review of Library of Fragrance Tomato, which I raved about.  It had hints of lemon verbena and that uplifting earthy green scent of the slightly furry vines that hold those juicy plum tomatoes.   Well, tomato vine is here again and teamed with juniper.  The last word goes to fig, which is eked out into a perfectly sized measure against the other ingredients,  enhancing the  juiciness and adding a touch of depth. Dark, juicy fig, to my nose, always borders on wrong and stops just short of it.

This is a scent that doesn’t try to please the masses, but ends up pleasing little old me in spades.  Muddy garden spades.   Dandelion Fig is green, fresh and earthy and out of all the scents in the Perfume Society Latest Launches Box, this and the Annick Goutal stood out from the rest as my absolute favourites.  This is a great fig scent for people who are still unsure about fig. fig tree

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You can buy Dandelion Fig from the Shay & Blue London website, or you can obtain a sample from the Perfume Society Latest Launches Discovery Box, like I did.   You can also find this in store and online  Marks and Spencer.

6 thoughts on “Shay & Blue Dandelion Fig: The Scent of the Garden”

  1. Sounds good, I was always flicking the heads off dandelions when I was a kid, never wet the bed though hahaha. I never knew about the connection between Dock and Dandelions, learn something new every day. I loved the smell of Germolene too, I was once given a packet of chewing gum called Teeberry, and it tasted just like Germolene.

    1. Dearest barry, always a joy when you drop by! Next time you land in stingy nettles, find a dock leave, screw it up, and rub it on. I’m baffled as to how you know what Germolene tastes like. Did you ever eat it or are you trusting your trusty nose on this one?
      best wishes Sam x

  2. I wasn’t totally sure on this one as I’m not a big chypre/earthy lover. Fig is my fave note and it didn’t come through as much as I liked and it was a bit too green for my liking. As you mention the LoF Tomato, maybe I’ll try that mixed with Diptyque Philosykos…

    1. It really stood out for me and I applaud them for that. There are so many fruity florals and this had the guts to do something different. Is the brand available where you are? pity I can’t post you stuff.

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