15 thoughts on “Library of Fragrance Kitten Fur Giveaway!”

  1. My pet is a little birdie called Dieter – a gold-mantled rosella parakeet. Bit of a mouthful, but he’s really pretty – red, blue, yellow and green. We have a suspicion that he is really a she, but then we could call him/her “Dita”, so problem solved 🙂 x

    1. Just a minute. That last one isn’t actually a pet, is it? I put it to you that Phil is in fact, a human man and not an animal. You sneaked that one in!

  2. My cat is called Jiji. I just sniffed her to see what the perfume would smell like, and she looks quite put out now! Incidentally Siamese cats smell mildly perfumed, sort of sandalwoody. Cats that go outside and poke around in bins (like my old Monty) smell like rotting cabbage!

  3. Our gorgeous rescue greyhound was called Katie…lived to the age of 13 and sadly paid her last visit to the vet 3 weeks ago. I can’t say she was a kitten lover but one of her finest moments was great self control while a friend’s kitten (called Treacle) played with her tail!

  4. Our cat is called Aloysius (we didn’t name him, he came that way). Our dog is called Zissou (yeah, we did that).

    Zissou was the most scrumptious smelling thing ever when he was a little puppy, but he’s a bit of an old mannie now. The cat has always been stinky in the time we’ve had him, our guess is that he was born stinky and just plain likes it.

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