Nina Ricci Luna For Women (2016)


I tried this today in my local House of Fraser just after the  school run.  The bottle cried out, “own me!” so loudly that I nearly got whiplash.   Like Snow White with a Bag for Life, I was rendered unable to pass such a beautiful tempting apple.

Luna is intended as the night time opposite to Nina Ricci Nina, which I have reviewed here.  Now although Nina isn’t my thing, I love it because my wonderful niece Liz wears it and she is very special to me. I decided to give Luna  a chance.  I fell headlong for its looks.

nina inaOn first spray, this is all synthetic citrus: not invigorating like lemon or grapefruit, more like Haribo  Party Mix.  The pear note burst forth and was rudely dominant, and then the vanilla and caramel poured in and rounded everything off.

In among the vanilla and pear is tiny bit of jasmine, sandalwood and musk, but all was indistinct and vague.

This is a fruity vanilla scent and is neither too strong nor too weak. It’s almost a confused gourmand.  Many Fragrantica readers say that it is almost exactly like YSL Manifesto, so if you like that, you’ll like this too.

I can’t dislike Luna as it’s bang on trend right now, but I will politely sit this one out since overly vanilla fruity scents are not my scene, man.

luna ad

The bottle, though- oh my days, that bottle! Who wouldn’t want a beautiful blue glass apple on their dressing table? With a tiny vapo spray that’s part of a gold apple stalk? It almost nudges Marc Jacobs Decadence off my list of favourites. Throw all the packaging medals at this one, but not too hard, because that beautiful glass is a work of art


I found this in House of Fraser, but it’s widely available. I used a tester (very thoroughly) and opinions are my own.


7 thoughts on “Nina Ricci Luna For Women (2016)”

    1. Hi Richard and thanks for dropping by. The bottle is stunning but wasn’t hugely keen on the scent. Just my opinion , though, as ever ! xx

  1. Not tried this one but a lady came into the office last week wearing the newer offering Luna Blossom – she smelled amazing. i just remember that it was floral, powdery and musky – fairly linear i guess but was very pretty and left a wonderful scented trail. x (love the bottles)

    1. My dear Patsi, i thought I had replied to you! I think I composed it in my head and not on screen. Please forgive me. I shall definitely give Luna Blossom a sniff. I’m really into my florals lately and don’t feel I have enough in my collection.

      I recently recived some more DSH perfumes and shall be reviewing them soon. i know you’re a fan. In fact- you were the one who got me into them in the first place! I have you to thank.


      1. Glad to be of service ma’am! I have a few florals smellies put to the side for you and hopefully over the Easter holidays i will get a chance to baggie them up and send them on. x

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