I’ve been shortlisted for a Jasmine Award!


I had some incredible news yesterday. I have been shortlisted for a prestigious Jasmine Award.  Often regarded as the Oscars of  perfume writers, to say I was bowled, over, chuffed and did a full West End Musical number in my kitchen would be an understatement.

memento-moriThe Jasmine Awards are  run by the Fragrance Foundation UK and this year’s sponsors are Dior, Guerlain, Penhaligon’s, Lalique and Moyses Stevens.  The reception is on Wednesday 15th March in London and  if ever a woman needed a beauty salon, it’s me right now.


The category I have been shortlisted in is Best Digital Fragrance Experience for my review of Aftelier Perfumes Memento Mori by Mandy Aftel.

Win or lose,  just being shortlisted is an enormous thrill and I would like to thank you all for giving me the confidence to keep going when confidence has been hard to find.  It can be lonely beng the only perfume blogger in the village,  but every like and  site vist and retweet and comment and giveaway entry and social media follow has really helped.

Thank you.


28 thoughts on “I’ve been shortlisted for a Jasmine Award!”

  1. I reckon you could win with that one, actually (it was kind of amazing, and I found it hard to write anything afterward). The whole experience of being there is very exciting indeed. I got the Literary Award and was ecstatic (and then faded into hated obscurity).

    1. May I call you Neil? Now that we are friends? I think it’s the biggest compliment a blogger can give a peer. I felt completely inadequate after reading your stunning essay on Chanel Coco and the love letter to Black Swan, I just put my pen down and thought, “No, I won’t bother today.” Your compliment stopped me in my tracks. Thank you x 1000 xxxx

    1. Thank you Barbara, that’s so kind of you. I havve no idea what scent to wear! I’m spending more time on that than my outfit!

  2. Congratulations! Hope you win. I love your blog and click on it every day and do a little cheer when there is a new item to read. Your Mandy Aftel article was a good one….

    1. Thank you so much Steven, that means a lot and I really appreciate it. I don’t even mind if I don’t win. I’m so chuffed just to be invited! xx

  3. Well done indeed. I’m sure I’m not the only perfume lover who, after reading a review, has immediately purchased a fragrance purely on the strength of your powers of description. Keep up the sniffing Sam. X

    1. What an absolutely lovely compliment Cas. Thank you for all the Likes and comments and support. It really does means so much to me xxxxx

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