We Three Kings of Orient Are: Library of Fragrance Myrrh


The week after my seven year old son, Leo, told me he was a King in his school play, a bottle of Library of Fragrance Myrrh landed on my doormat.  This dovetailing presented me with an opportunity too good to ignore.  Leo said he didn’t mind modelling the bottle for me on the condition that I tell you all that he actually carried gold not myrrh in the play.


So what does it smell like?  Well, I’m a big fan of churchy smells so Myrrh is right up my street.  Myrrh is an aromatic resin that has in the past been used for embalming and as a medicine. In fact, there is a medicinal frisson to this (albeit homeopathic). It’s a cross between herbs and citrus and then beds down into the scent of incense-infused ancient stone and the infused wood of church pews (medieval for preference). This reminds me of the scent of a thurible in High Anglican Mass (St Michael’s Exeter to be precise).myrrhmahogany

In fact, I blended this with Library of Fragrance Mahogany and it was an absolute knockout. I’m talking, Hall of Fame brilliance. It reminded me of Comme Des Garcons Avignon, which I adore, but can’t afford.  Alone or layered with Mahogany, Myrrh is divinely good (pun intended) and will fill your home with the scent of the first Christmas.



If you move  fast, Myrrh is half price until midnight tonight (20th Dec 2016)  if you use the code SENSUALMYRRH . Otherwise, try the Library of Fragrance. website. The price is usally £15 for 30ml, which I call jolly good value.


My bottle was sent to me by Library of Fragrance PR, for which, many thanks. Photos are all my own. Thank you to Leo for agreeing to be  a Kingly model for me.

3 thoughts on “We Three Kings of Orient Are: Library of Fragrance Myrrh”

  1. This is on my to-try list and your review makes me want to order it right now, since I love churchy fragrances.
    Leo is adorable (I mean majestic, very majestic)!

    1. LOL- thank you Barbara ny friend! Leo tries to be majestic, but sleeps with a cuddlly doggie called Roscoe, so yes regal by day, cute at night. xx

  2. I can’t believe that I have been beaten to the throne by a 7 year old. here I am, a Prince, and he is already a King, a rather splendid one I might add. 🙂

    The Myrrh sounds wonderful and LoF seem to be able to produce quality sniffs for a fraction of the price of other companies. Well done to LoF 🙂

    My all time favourite church type fragrance has get to be Etro’s Messe di Minuit, although I do love Oriza L Legrand’s Relique d’Amour and Jovoy’s Liturgie des Heures.

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