Library of Fragrance Giveaway!


Those nice people at Library of Fragrance have been kind enought to send me some bottles to review. As much as I want to rub my hands together like a miser and refer to them as “The Precious”, it is only fair that I spread the joy.  After all, it is Christmas and  a good deed goes round the world.


I will be giving away a bottle of Cupcake, Blue Spruce and Log Cabin. All you have to do is comment below, or on my Facebook page, or on Twitter ( @IScentYouADay) to tell me which of the three you would like to win. The giveaway closes at midnight on 17th December 2016 so I’ve got time toget it to you before Christmas.  The giveaway is stricrly UK only, I’m afraid, due to postage regulations. But don’t worry, that’ll all chage when I’m Queen of the World. I am also on Instagram, so you can follow me there too! I’m iscentyouaday.

Good luck!


16 thoughts on “Library of Fragrance Giveaway!”

    1. Hello dear Patsi. Thank you in return for your kindness, loyalty and friendship. I hope you know how much it means xxx

  1. Tis the season to say thanks Sam x I close my eyes and see Santa snuggled in his log cabin besides the blue spruce, eating lovely cupcakes after a very loooong Christmas Eve. I’d be so happy to enjoy any of the fab smells, to remind me of the excitement that Christmas brings. Merry Christmas X

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