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When people tell me they would never bother with celebrity scent, I refer them to Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely.  It’s a superb scent in its own right and still going strong ten years after its launch. There are not many celebrity scents that can say the same. Parker’s interest in its development is well documented in Chandler Burr’s book “The Perfect Scent”. Sarah Jessica was involved in every stage, far more than many celebrity rubber stamp sign offs.


To me, her new scent, Stash SJP, is more reminiscent of her earlier experimentations prior to Lovely. SJP used to mix three fragrances to get a scent she loved and Stash resembles that scent more than Lovely. The three were: Bonne Bell Musk, Comme Des Garcons Incense Series Avignon and  an Egyptian scented oil that she bought from a street vendor. When I tried Stash SJP, I felt like I had an idea of what this previous mash up might have smelled like. The word I’m looking for is glorious.

Stash SJP opens with a masculine swagger of black pepper and grapefruit. Somehow I also got juicy figgy fruit which segued into dark, incense infused woods. Like Avignon, this reminds me of the smell of oak pews in an ancient church. The woody accord comes from massoia woods, vetiver and cedar. The frankincense infuses it with spices. Sage and vetiver add a herby, dried grass flavour.  The overall finish is one of spiced woods, patchouli and a freshness from the grapefruit that keeps it sharp.

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This could hardly be more different to its counterpart – it’s the bad sister to goody two shoes Lovely. I think it’s wonderful, although I could have sworn it was full of sandalwood. Stash reminds me of Hilary Duff With Love- now sadly discontinued. With Love is one of my favourite fragrances because of the wonderful dark guaiac woods in it.  Stash SJP has a similar feel, but if anything, is better.  It gives me all those dark woods and that old church aroma I’m always chasing,  along with some zingy citrus and spice to boot. The hashtag is #ComeandFindIt and find it you must, dear friends. This is too good to pass by. Stash SJP has the potential to become a classic. I’ll be getting a full bottle for sure.


Currently, this can only be found in selected branches of Superdrug and Boots. Prices start at £28 for 30ml. Rumour has it that an oil version is coming later. Find out more at  SJP Beauty.


14 thoughts on “Sarah Jessica Parker Stash SJP”

    1. Hi Jada and thanks for commenting. i haven’t seen a rollerball in the Uk yet. I can’t wait for the oil! I find Stash really refreshing compared to many of the launches of late. I will SO be getting a full bottle! x

  1. Hi Sam, i have heard a lot of great things about this one. I shall definitely be trying it too. The oil sounds like a great idea. I’m sure lots of people will be putting this one on their christmas list and its very affordable as well. PS loving the new page look – tres chic! x

    1. hello dear patsi! Thank you for liking the new look. I felt a bit shy about it but I really prefer it now. Stash is the best launch I can think of this year. It’s THAT good. Samples are hard to get though. I had to go to Cardiff and try the

      1. And speaking of enabling, you win this week’s prize. Just waiting for my Stash to arrive, after yet another unsniffed purchase. I promised myself that I wouldn’t do this anymore, but having read several positive reviews, yours just about tipped me over the edge, haha. I’m waiting impatiently . . . Hurry up, Mr. Postman.

      2. Hi cassieflower and thanks so much for dropping by. I make no apologies. I am shameless! I do hope you like it. if not, I’ll buy it off you xx

  2. I love Lovely and I remember readying Chandler Burr’s description of its creation. I’m curious to try Stash too. What is its development like? What about the longevity?

    1. Hi ScentBound! I found it went from fruity to woody to churchy, if that makes sense. The basenotes really reminded me of CDG Avignon, which I know is an influence of SJP’s. Longevity is excellent. It’s still on my coat sleeve after several days. xx

  3. I bought this after reading your recommendation! Just the roller-ball incase I don’t like it but I’m pretty sure I will. Sounds right up my street.

    1. Hi Sandra, great choice. if you don’t like it I’ll buy it off you! Hope you do like it though, or I’ll feel like a terrible enabler! best wishes Sam xx

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