Miller Harris Lumiere Doree (2016)

lumiereLumiere Doree is one of the latest in a  small collection of new launches from IScent favourite: Miller Harris.  I was recently lucky enough to actually visit an actual branch (Covent Garden) on a recent whistle stop away day with my friend Rachael. I couldn’t walk past- I simply had to pop in. It’s Heaven for Fumeheads as it’s right next door to Penhaligon’s. My cup runneth over…

miller harris bag
The giant bag

Now, I wasn’t going to buy anything. We had taken a finite amount of dosh with us, and I had an emergency credit card in my bra. Well, Miller Harris Le Pamplemousse was a third of the usual price and it’s my favourite ever Miller Harris, so that, to me, constituted an emergency. Unfortunately, on that particular day Miller Harris only had gigantic bags, so it was more Pretty Woman than a  tiny package in  a rucksack next to my water bottle. Apologies to all those I stabbed with the sharp corners of my giant bag.  You can see why I needed a cupcake at Sweetheart Cupcakes to get over the trauma.

cupcakeThe lovely assistant in Miller Harris kindly gave me two samples: Lumiere Doree and Vetiver Insolent. Today I am reviewing Lumiere Doree whilst trying not to think about the runny centred Nutella cupcake I ate shortly afterwards.

Ordinarily, I would love Lumiere Doree, but in reality it was not to be. It opens with sharp summery bitter orange and woody petitgrain.  So far, so fresh-out-of-the-shower-and-wide-awake. The middle notes are orange flower and jasmine, which always go together well and this is no exception. However, I could not get on with the base notes. It consists of musk and amber, but for some reason smelled a bit burnt and resinous on me- as if it was on the fringe of being singed. It made the white flowers and orange  kind of butch and borderline savoury. In fact, when I first sniffed it blind, I was convinced there was some sort of oud-lite in there.  In any case, it certainly warms things up and gives it a little golden glow befitting its name.

Lumiere Doree was sadly, not for me, but it might be for you. In the meantime I shall sniff rapturous sprays of Le Pamplemousse and sigh “Ah! Heaven!”



You can buy Lumiere Doree from Miller Harris. If you’re hesitant about a blind buy, try the smaller 7.5ml set here.


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  1. That happened to me too. Pamplemousse was my favourite until Cassis en Feuille showed up. The former is reduced at TKMaxx as were many MH scents this year.

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