Shay & Blue London: Framboise Noire

framboise noire

Shay & Blue London continues to impress me with high quality fragrance and stunning packaging. Today I tried Framboise Noire and it was no exception. Normally, I’m a gourmand dodger with a few notable exceptions, but Framboise Noire really turned my head.

It opens with red berries and raspberries, which again, is something I would normally dodge. In my opinion, the vanilla and red berries combo has been done to death and often ends up smelling like a sticky mess, but Framboise Noire couldn’t be further from that.


Imagine sticking your nose into a glass full of fruity red wine. It’s sweet, but not sickly. Boozy, but not overpoweringly so. Now add some delicately dark, but not burnt, caramel tones and you have a juicy aromatic warmth that beds down into a faintly musky finish.

But hang on- there’s a surprise! When this silky fruitness has died down, a gentle oud note raspberriescomes out, adding a nice earthy tone, almost dirty, but not quite. Put all this together and you have wonderful fragrance that changes as you wear it and gives raspberries a new sophisticated twist. It’s like a very expensive dessert with a good glass of Beaujolais alongside it. Heaven.


You can buy Shay & Blue London Framboise Noire, along with other scents from the range from your local Marks and Spencer in store or online. If it’s not in, you can get it via click and collect in about a day. I got my sample from a Perfume Society Discovery Box ( I think it was Secret Scentsations). You can get a sample of Shay & Blue London Blood Orange in the more recent Perfume Society Eaux La la Discovery Box.


Photos: Top photo from Fragrantica, photo of caramel from, photo of raspberries from Photo of Eaux la la Discovery Box from The Perfume Society.

5 thoughts on “Shay & Blue London: Framboise Noire”

  1. I’ve gotta say, I’ve tried this brand (not this scent), and it’s left me foxed at turns. As in, I do admire the fact that they try to be interesting, and in some cases, difficult. But with every effort and scent that I’ve tried, it turns to a muddy mess on my skin. I tell myself that we’re just not meant to be, and then I read your review, and now it makes me wonder… if this scent could be the one that saves me?

    I do wonder if I should just spritz scents on handkerchiefs and call it a day, eh?

    1. Hi Jascinth!
      Always lovely to hear from you. I know what you mean. Some brands just don’t agree with me either. But it’s always worth looking for that thunderbolt moment!

      best wishes

  2. I struggle with Shay and Blue. I love the concepts, but every time I’ve ended up with a fragrance to try I’ve been disappointed.

    I ended up the Blood Orange in my Eaux La La box, and the initial 5 minutes are note perfect to the spray when you try and peel an orange, but after that it goes orange travel sweet and then nothing.

  3. Hi Kitty,

    Thanks for dropping by. If you like orange notes, try Tauer Orange Star or the O de Lancome Orangerie one ( can’t remember the exact name). Did you like Eaux La La box? Mine arrived yesterday.

    best wishes
    Sam x

    1. I’m working my way through Eaux La La, there’s definitely a few winners in there. Can’t believe I hadn’t tried Agent Provacateur before, it was totally different to how I imagined it based on the pink bottle.

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