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There should be a word for that feeling you get when you come across a treasure bargain. I got that feeling in the charity shop today when I found two metres of quilting fabric for £3, and later when my husband made an emergency call to his perfume blogger wife from Lidl earlier. “There’s five new perfumes in Lidl!” I was very restrained and requested just two. For now.

This evening I am testing Luxury Excellent for Women which made my face go blank for about ten minutes whilst my olfactory database shrugged its shoulders and said “beats me, love!”.

I took a break and came back to it and the penny dropped. A-ha! I thought. I’ve got it. This reminds me of Chanel Allure. There’s white flowers and apricots to start with, followed by a fleeting glimpse of sniff-and-you’ll-miss-it-roses. The base notes are a musky base of warm and woody amber, with those juicy apricots just daring to peek through.

It has good sillage, but not the same resonance as Chanel Allure. I wouldn’t class it as a dupe, but I would say if you’re a fan of Allure, you might find something you like in your friendly continental supermarket too. Oh, and check out the ice lollies whilst you’re there. They’re the best in town. Perfume and a lolly. It’s a good day.


Available from Lidl at a breathtaking £4.99. There are others too, so watch this space.


12 thoughts on “Lidl Luxury Excellent For Women EDP”

  1. I picked up Name of Love, which reminds me very much of LVEB, but lighter and more wearable on me. I haven’t sussed out what Gleam is yet, but it has a fresh linen/powdery kind of scent under quite a sharp floral opening.

    I guess I will be heading back there today to pick up Excellent, Famous and Pretty Sweet, eh? 😉

    1. Dear Weeburd, I now have to go back and buy the other three thanks to you! I think you’re right about LVEB. It definitely smells mainstream but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Your comment has helped me out! Thank you!

      1. Hahaha! I did go back and get them all. I’m still sussing them out though. 😊

        I’m lucky enough to live in a town where most people would rather turn their noses up at a fragrance from a supermarket, so our Lidl usually has a good supply of all three Suddenly fragrances, and the special offer ones don’t sell out too quickly either. I also have the Lidl app on my phone, so I can check the offers a week or so in advance, and get a heads up on any new fragrances coming out. (I should add their running/sports kit is usually a good bargain, too 😉)

    1. That’s Suddenly Woman 1. Smells VERY alike. It’s not available very often, so if you see it grab one.

      1. I did, and it does! 🙂 How very useful for holidays ( refuse to risk lovely perfume in a baking tent) or day to day when I don’t want to wear expensive stuff. (Am I wrong for not wanting to ‘waste’ lovely perfume on work? Even though I have a monstrously large stash.)

  2. I purchased four of the perfumes but missed out on gleam gutted I wonder if anyone has one they don’t want let me know:-):-):-):-)

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