Mary Greenwell Fire: Don’t care how, I want it NOW!

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Having written over 650 perfume reviews, I have had to learn to harden my heart to the idea of buying every perfume I like. But there is a list headed Perfumes I Cannot Live Without which means that on sniffing them, I turn into an avaricious monster as if a switch has been flicked. Today I added Mary Greenwell’s Fire to that list.

I was actually in The Fragrance Shop buying Mary Greenwell Lemon ( purse spray is only £7.50), but I asked to try Fire and fell hook line and sinker.

Created in 2014 by legendary nose Francois Robert, Fire’s top notes fall somewhere between the opening of Shalimar and Terre D’Hermes. and makes you want to glue your nose to your wrist. It is spicy without being harsh, gentle without being insipid, and it brings out the Verruca Salt in me.


In the middle, the roses, jasmine and tuberose emerge. It segues seamlessly into the woody basenotes which include: olibanum, patchouli, sandalwood, leather, vetiver, teak and cedarwood. The citrus (grapefruit) lightens it without making it flimsy and ensures that this is the kind of scent you can wear all year round.

Fire reminded me of Chanel Coromandel without the Milky Bar. In a blind sniff, I would have been adamant that this was made by Serge Lutens. It has touches of Borneo and Santale Majuscule in it.

You can see then, why I was impressed, but that’s not all. A 50ml bottle is only £19.50. So excuse me if I barge to the front of the queue. This, my friends, is an urgent must buy.


Run, don’t walk, to The Fragrance Shop, or buy it online here. I’ll take ten.


Photos: product photographs from The Fragrance Shop. Verruca Salt photo from


18 thoughts on “Mary Greenwell Fire: Don’t care how, I want it NOW!”

  1. Hi Sam, have been enjoying your blog for a while now and I thought it was high time that I told you so🙂. You’ll be pleased to hear that you’ve earned another enabler award, but not because I rushed off and purchased Fire. Oh noooo, I homed in on the comment about Lemon purse spray for £7.50 and I NEEDED it, and quick! So off to the site I went and am now the proud owner of a very classy little number. I already had Plum, and I detect similarities in the mid to late notes, where the real beauty lies. I might just go for the hat-trick and buy Fire as well, will give this some thought.

    1. Dear Cassie, Thank you so much for those lovely words! It really does mean so much to hear that. I am glad I have been your enabler. It’s not very often such high quality stuff comes to the High Street at these sort of prices. I have been dousing myself in Fire lately. It’s my favourite bargain of the year so far. I want to try Lemon actually, but even I drew the line at getting all three in one week! It’s next on my hit list. Thanks again for your kind encouragement and compliments. I hope you continue to be one of my very valued readers!

      best wishes

  2. I had to leave you a message as I read this post and thought I think I need to try this perfume – I got a bit stressed in the shop as they didn’t have a sample I could try, and I thought sod it it’s only £20 and if I don’t like I’ll give it to someone as a present.

    I am so glad I bought this – each member of the family has remarked on how nice I smell, and I never get these sort of unprompted comments.

    It is such a gorgeous perfume. Thank you for your blog I’m always happy when I see one of your posts come via email.

    1. Thank you so much Jo! I really appreciate that. I’m so glad you liked your blind buy. What a relief! It’s superb isn’t it? And only £20 on the High Street. It smells like high end niche to me!

      1. its a lot like the discontinued original fendi..spayed some on a strip of paper yesterday and can still smell it…definitely worth every penny. i got two 100ml bottles but will be getting more to make ip for the fendi i haven’t been able to purchase for a good 7 years or more

    1. Hi Beverly, I found it in the Fragrance Shop on my local High Street. if it’s not in store, it might be online. Are you in the UK? best wishes Sam x

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