Dior Poison Girl: I tried..really I did.

poison girl

I’m a big fan of Dior Poison. If you ever want to smell what the eighties smelled like, get yourself a bottle of this tuberose/jasmine nuclear bomb. It’s a classic. I also love Hypnotic Poison, which is as different as could be, but a beauty in its own right. Therefore I approached Dior Poison Girl with an open mind and friendly wave. But sadly, we are not going to be friends.

Trying Dior Poison Girl made my heart slump in the same way as YSL Black Opium did. I love Opium, and when I tried Black Opium I felt like I had been bitten and scratched and told to scram. Poison Girl had much the same effect.


Opening with bitter orange, yet still being overly sweet, Poison Girl blossoms like a generic fruity floral, and indeed there is a whiff of those roses in there somewhere. However, the vanilla, super strength if you please, soon barges in and plonks itself down rudely. After that it takes over. There is some almond in there, which dares to peek in, but to me it smelled more like coffee and chocolate. I usually like almond: done with a light hand it can be creamy and nutty, but not here. Here it smells like a 4D Augustus Gloop Experience. I’m drowning in it and I long to go up the pipe and escape.

Sillage wise, this falls somewhere between Angel and Coco Mademoiselle parfum strength. I’ll quit before IT does.

I predict this will be a big seller, in the same vein as YSL Black Opium and Thierry Mugler Angel. It has the fruity floral hook, followed by the sweet, sweet, SWEET gourmand punch that knocks you out and sticks around. There’s a definite taste for that now, and I can’t argue with sales figures.  But subjectively? I’ll pass on this one.  When I say “pass” I mean “swerve dramatically.”

Dior Poison Girl, I wanted to like you, but we’re never going to be friends.


Dior Poison Girl is available from House of Fraser, John Lewis and Debenhams to name but a few.


5 thoughts on “Dior Poison Girl: I tried..really I did.”

  1. I must admit, I was disappointed re: Poison girl. I thought the bitter orange on the first whiff was a promising beginning. Come Spring/Summer, you want your perfume to to feel as if you’re throwing open the blinds after a long hard winter, letting sunshine and fresh air in, with the warm sweetness of holiday foods. I don’t mind gourmands if they’re mixed well, and have a sneaky nip to ’em, but this one veered almost on generic to me. I am still surprised at the strength of my disappointment, to tell the truth.

    1. Hi Jascinth and thanks for dropping by. I think you and I both like the same sort of summer scents. They should uplift and never be cloying! x

  2. I love a gourmand (especially in the fall and winter), but the new ones coming out lately are TOO. STRONG! Bleck! I’ve been hoping to run across Angel Muse (I like hazelnut and vetiver), but I bet it overwhelms me…..

    1. Hi Jada and thanks for dropping by! I agree about gourmands. Some of them can be excellent. Take Hypnotic Poison for example- I didn;t think I’d like it at all but it’s a stunning liqueur like vanilla. Then put it next to Poison Girl and you really see how sickly the latter is. Angel Muse doesn’t sound too bad, depending on how sweet they decide to make it that is. We shall see!

      best wishes
      Sam x

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