Library of Fragrance Tomato: Life’s A Picnic


I was recently sent a bottle of Library of Fragrance Tomato from my nice friends at Library of Fragrance. It was a surprise to me and that fact is relevant because I wouldn’t have naturally chosen it myself. However, I am so glad they sent it because this was a wonderful surprise and made for a real eye opener (or in olfactory terms, should that be nostril flarer?).

Forget the half hearted almost-not-there scent of cold shouldered supermarket tomatoes. Think instead of the smell that would greet you if you walked into a greenhouse on a warm day. The actual smell of a tomato plant is truly a marvel. Library of Fragrance has captured it perfectly.

Not like this
Not like this
Like THIS!
Like THIS!

With hints of fresh lemons, green leaves and a scent that resembles lemon verbena, Library of Fragrance Tomato really embraces the tomato as a garden fruit vine rather than the uninspiring red globes you get with a pub lunch. It also reminds me of a lemon geranium plant my late grandmother once had. She had green fingers and all my knowledge of flora comes from her. She once invited me to scrunch a lemon geranium leaf between my fingers and have a sniff, and it didn’t smell a million miles from this lovely Tomato cologne.

lemon geranium

This is fresh, uplifting and very green. If you like your green scents to be lemony, herbal and smell a bit like fresh cut ferns, then you will love this too. It may be a cologne spray, but it had lasting power of around 5 hours.

By the way if you thought this may resemble pizza, then do try Library of Fragrance Pizza. They really do have a scent for everyone!


Library of Fragrance Tomato is available from the Library of Fragrance website at the very reasonable price of £15. You can also find a selection of Library of Fragrance scent at branches of Boots around the UK. My bottle was sent to me by Library of Fragrance for which, many thanks. Opinions are my own.


Top photo-Library of Fragrance

Supermarket tomato photo:

Tomatoes on the vine photo:

Lemon geranium with chicken photo:


7 thoughts on “Library of Fragrance Tomato: Life’s A Picnic”

  1. Your grandmother sounds like a true inspiration. I have a collection of scented geraniums, have had for over 20 years. There’s a dozen or so in the porch, so anyone coming in brushes against them and fills the air with perfume. I did have a couple of huge lemon verbenas in the polytunnel but when we moved, I gave them away.
    My father used to grow tomatoes in the greenhouse; the scent is very evocative of happy memories for me.

    1. Hi Viv, always lovely to hear from you. From your post it sounds like you know EXACTLY the scent I am trying to describe. Wonderful!

  2. Dearest Iscent
    It was my grandfather, who gave me what greenfingers I have… and a passion for the spirited scent of tomato leaves.
    Must try this. Wonder how it compares to my all time favourite Eau de Campagne or Miller Harris recent tomato and blackcurrant collision.
    Thanks you.
    Yours ever.
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. Dear Mr Dandy,
      Here we are agin in correspondence. What larks! Is the Miller Harris you describe Cassis en Feuille? If so that was lovely. Very English Country Garden without the cliche of A.N.Other floral bouquet. I haven’t tried Eau de Campage but I have a sample of Eau de Soir which I am very fond of.

      Wonderful to welcome you back to Casa Iscent. I kept your chair for you.

      Your friend

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