Tribe: There’s been an uprising!


Tribe was everywhere in the 90s. Tribe sponsored Nineties icons Take That on tour, before One Direction were out of nappies. To many women, one sniff of Tribe can bring back Cool Britannia more vividly than an old copy of Smash Hits.

I was kindly send a sample by Beauty Brand Development, and I must confess that I had never smelled it before. Throughout the Nineties I was in a long term relationship with Chanel Cristalle, which I wore for nearly twenty years, albeit with a passionate affair with Gucci Envy on the side.

Tribe was therefore a pleasant surprise to me. I expect it to be a heavy handed choker, like dear departed Cachet, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Tribe opens with fruit, goes steady with fruit, and stays fruity, but funnily enough, this did not put me off. Whereas once I pulled faces at the endless tide of fruity florals, I am starting to come round and admire what can be done with them ( I blame Sarah McCartney for this- she adds loads of fruits and I end up falling in love. Her fault).

tribe take that

Tribe has top notes of mandarin, grapefruit and pear. It avoids being bubble gummy and instead smells uplifting, like a pretty summer shower gel. The middle notes are rose, jasmine and orange flower, embracing the dominant fruit and making it feminine. The orange flower is especially noticeable. The base notes, which last a good four or five hours, makes for a peachy white musk accord with a hint of vague sandalwood around the periphery.

Despite its name and its bold packaging, I was expecting something harsher that was only decent in a post-ironic way, but actually I find this is more toned down that many of the sickly fruity florals of the Twenteens.

Tribe Perfume
Tribe Perfume


Beauty Brand Development brought it back with the help of fans of the original and Perfume Sorcerers Givauden and although I haven’t smelled the original, many of its original fans seemed jolly pleased with the results. I also have a sample of Babe, so watch this space.

I like it that old stuff is being brought back by popular demand. Sometimes we don’t know a good thing until its gone.


Tribe is available from the website at 24.99 fr 30mls, or from these stockists around the country.

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