4160 Tuesdays: Goddess of Love and Perfume


Designed for Aphrodite, goddess of love, to seduce shepherd boys on the grassy banks of Roseberry Topping.

-Sarah McCartney

Yesterday I was the excited recipient of a box of Crimes of Passion samples from 4160 Tuesdays. This always feel like an occasion as the packaging is consistently hand done and beautiful. Each phial was wrapped in jewel coloured tissue before being wrapped in recycled hand made paper and finished with a leather bow ( The cats won’t give it back). After all that build up, my anticipation was huge.

4160 jan2016

What were the actual scents like? Well a trumpet fanfare wouldn’t have been out of place. They blew me away good and proper. I don’t get these thunderbolts very often and having now written 620 blog posts, I’d be exhausted if I did. But this was like being struck by cupid. I will write about the others in good time, but today I will attempt to do justice to Goddess of Love and Perfume.

grapefruitOpening with citruses that smell freshly squeezed, there is a bright salty tang in the top notes, with a promising warmth. There’s enough fruit here for a market stall ( Yuzu, grapefruit, raspberry, strawberries, plum, peaches), but they are blended so seamlessly it makes a new accord that is akin to a tart raspberry flavour grapefruit. If it was a drink I’d order an ice filled jug of it.

The fruit segues subtly and gradually into a warm fruity chypre and peach sorbetthe oakmoss and Myrhh (aka opoponax) give this a wonderfully retro nod in the direction of the old school chypres that have long gone. The peaches make their presence felt, but never in a soapy, tinned fruit sort of manner. Its more boozy brandied peaches that have been infused with dried fruit over Christmas. The classic chypre base of patchouli and oakmoss gives me the fix I want.

For some reason, the final stages of this long lasting beauty struck me as having a bunch of violets in it. There are none actually in this, but somehow, I found them, or they found me, along with some long lasting vintage musk. Leaving a slightly powdery finish, as a good chypre does, Goddess of Love and Perfume left me an infatuated suitor in her wake.

So, yes, I’ve been shot by cupid and I’m helpless to resist.


You can buy Goddess of Love and Perfume from the website at 4160 Tuesdays. You can find other stockists here. I bought my samples from the site. I am reviewing the parfum strength.

Aphrodite (Venus) bares herself before Paris, with Hera and Athena standing to her left in The Judgment of Paris by Enrique Simonet, c. 1904.

Painting: Aphrodite (Venus) bares herself before Paris, with Hera and Athena standing to her left
in The Judgment of Paris by Enrique Simonet, c. 1904. From www.myastrologybook.com


9 thoughts on “4160 Tuesdays: Goddess of Love and Perfume”

    1. Dear Paige- welcome!

      Thank you for commenting. This is a fabulous perfume that I am having a serious love affair with. I’m so glad you liked my review.

      thank you

      best wishes

  1. I had to just LOL at your “Ta dah!” tag on the Simonet portrait – priceless and perfect! I’m still giggling.
    I haven’t tried any of this line and was beginning to be hooked when I read your opening paragraph – especially about the beautiful packing, but then slumped when I read the dreaded (to my nose) word “fruits.” Chypres I love, but fruits – ugh. I think its because of the multitude of fruitchouli messes on the market. I’m not sure I could wade my way through to get to the chypre base.

    1. My dear Sally! I know exactly how you feel.

      However, I will still say give this one a chance if you can. The thing about 4160 scent is that I often fall in love with one, only to read the notes and discover that many of them are on my blacklist.

      I too know the despair of yet another fruit saturated scent ( where are the chypres?) and done-to-death fruitichoulis, but this is different.

      So far I succumbed to New York 1955 despite not liking candy floss scents, Fruits of the Tree of Knowledge despite not liking cucumber, and now this one despite not liking peach!

      I’ve decided not to listen to myself anymore as I can’t be trusted!

      Go on I dare you xxx

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