I’m Three! IScentYouADay Has a Blogaversary.


Today I am three.  Three years ago on the 3rd January 2013 as a sort of New Year’s Resolution to myself, I began my ever so ‘umble blog with a view to reviewing a perfume a day for a year. I’m neither qualified nor experienced, I just flattered myself that someone somewhere might like or dislike or be interested in some of the perfumes I witter on about. It is also excellent training for my writing muscles that were getting out of shape and crying out to be taken for a spin.

As it happened, with two primary school aged children, a review a day became hard, especially in half term, so the daily reviews became  part of a journey to review 1001 perfumes and I am currently around 617 reviews in and loving it.

florisThis blog has helped me grow in so many ways. It has taught me how often I can be wrong, how my nose  and taste has changed dramatically, never to write anything off and that good stuff can be cheap as well as spendy.  It taught me that there are some incredibly talented perfumers out there, that perfume people are one of the friendliest and most generous bunches of people you could ever wish to meet, and it taught me that immersing yourself into the Fragrant World can be like having a treasure map and a magic carpet.

The nicest bit about having a blog for three years is the lovely people, yes you’re one of them,who pop in and say hello from time to time in the comments section.  I’m so grateful for the people who click on my blog, glance at it, or just think “Hmm, I haven’t tried that one”. I love that people have shared personal stories of how perfume has evoked memories of their childhood or their mothers and grandmothers or their teenage years.  Perfume is so much more than just a smell in a bottle. It’s more like a genie.

I have a big thank you for Lisa Wordbird, my dear friend and provider of the first box of samples I used to get started. She has been generous with samples, full bottles, her knowledge and wonderful introductions.  For example, in 2014 I met the unique and marvellous Sarah McCartney and her lovely husband Nick, and in 2015 I met double Jasmine Award winner  Thomas Dunckley, (aka the Candy Perfume Boy), Grant Osbourne, founder of Basenotes, Nick Gilbert of Penhaligon’s ,the unstoppable Valerie “Cookie Queen” Sperrer,  Pia Long from Orchadia, and Tara Smith of Olfactoria’s Travels.  All delightful. I was in the company of geniuses and was in awe. If it hadn’t been for Lisa these lovely people would have remained unmet  and this blog would be a shadow of its little self.

So, thank you all of you. I shall roll my sleeves up and  continue to attempt to justify the time you take to visit me at Iscentyouaday.


I am sharing with you a photograph of the scents in my collection that are indispensable to me.  This is not my entire collection, but is the bit of my collection that I treasure most and would never eBay. What are yours?


Photos: Top photo of candle by www. on-account-of.com. Others are my own.

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  1. I have never eBayed anything. My collection is so small anyway. Would not part with my Vero collection. It would be like ripping a part of a painting off. I want the whole piece if art. Two Chanels, Bois de Iles and Cuir de Russie, extraits and edts – I wear them a lot. For the rest I don’t care so much. Oh, and I wear a lot of Cuir d’Ange so I will keep that too!
    Hope we meet up again this year.
    Happy 3rd Birthday. 🍪👑 xxx

    1. Hello Val and thank you for your kind words. You have a knockout collection! I don’t blame you for not parting with any of it. Between you, me and the internet Val,I don’t think anyone would want the rest of my stuff if I tried to eBay it. It’s largely inexpensive half used non-rare bottles. But the good stuff, I’ll keep that forever.

      Have a great day. I bet you smell great

      Sam xx

  2. Huzzah!!! Although I don’t post much, I want you to know that your blog is one of my top 5 that I read without fail whenever a new post pops up in my inbox/FB. You have an extremely witty way with words and a no nonsense, tell it like it is way of writing that this displaced Brit here in the US appreciates and can relate to. Keep writing – I’ll keep enjoying the time reading.
    Funny you should post your fav frags picture – this past couple of days an early (hopefully not too precipitous as we have snow today) Spring fever gripped me and I decided it was time to sort out and reorganize my collection with a view to – gasp – perhaps moving some on to dressing tables elsewhere. So far, all I’ve done is dust them off, rearrange them, add (!) a Victorian shelf that I got at an estate sale back in the summer and sigh at their loveliness and my hoarding tendencies. So in answer to your question, my reply is that I don’t want ANY of them to make it to eBay! Keep in mind, I have – cough – over 300 bottles, so this is probably something that needs an intervention. My only defense is that its a result of over 40 years collecting…

    1. Dear Sally, your mind words mean so much. Sometimes I wonder if my blogs are any good and then I recive lovely comments like yours.

      So these 300 bottles? Now that’s not excessive. That’s jolly sensible ( and I’m a bit envious!) It means you don’t throw them away and you value them all. What are your non-negotiable must haves? I’m guessing one of them would be vintage Opium, you know, the really good stuff!

      Thank you again for the lovely post and for your loyalty

      Sam xx

      1. Oh yes – the vintage Opium would come to the desert island with me. I would want all of my Guerlains too – that’s my favorite house, but if I had to pick one (don’t make me!) I would say it would be Liu in the black and gold art deco box. I spent decades trying to find one in excellent condition that didn’t cost me several limbs. Other vintages would be Tabac Blond, Crepe de Chine, Shocking (in the dome figural), Bois des Isles, Bal a Versailles, Rive Gauche, L’air du Temps (I still have the crystal double dove bottle that started all this madness when I was 13), Loulou, L’Orrigan, Nuit de Noel, White Shoulders (one of my gran’s favs) Bandit, Joy (one of my mum’s favs) , Habanita, Le Dix and Tabu.

        With vintage being my obvious leaning, I have – since reading blogs in the last couple of years – fallen down the niche rabbit hole, although I’m not so enamoured of the “new” stuff. But I would take Amouage Gold, La Via Amber Chocolate, Iris Silver Mist, Bvlgari Black, Jasmin et Cigarette, Ambre Sultan, MKK, Pichola, Vanilla Smoke and Salome.

        Blimey – I’m gonna need a bigger boat…

      2. Dear Sally, your collection not only shows your excellent taste, but makes me weep tears of envy!

        A few stand out for me in your comment: LouLou ( an underrated 80s classic), superb Salome, Vanilla Smoke, Tabac Blond, and Le Dix. I have them all
        (sometimes only in tiny decants though).

        You really are a woman after my own heart

        best wishes

      3. Hmm for some reason my reply went out under salmack1 which I haven’t used in eons – its awaiting moderation so I’m not sure if I should do anything ??

    1. “a fab writer and a bad influence” I love that. Thank you Lynette. I aim to inform and corrupt!

      Happy New Year

      Hope its not too long before we meet again

      Sam x

  3. I always have a wee read of your blog dear Sam. You and the lovely Cookie Queen up above have introduced me to some wonderful scents in the past year and i am still learning avidly. I now have databases, docs, notebooks, of what i like, don’t like, and want to get. You have a lovely way of writing (you keep it real). Congrats on your 3 years, keep on blogging and staying in touch. Much love, Patsi xox

    1. Ah dear Patsi! What kind things you say. I can’t tell you how much it means. I have met Val and she is a riot. You would like her I’m sure.

      You sound a lot more organised than I am! I dip into a bag and review the stuff I can’t stop thinking about. I shall be organised like you this year and probably get more done.

      Thank you for always reading my blog. You help to keep me going

      warmest wishes and gratitude
      Sam xx

  4. Congratulations! Love your blog – so entertaining and informative and as Lynnette says above you have led me and my credit card astray many times and I’m very grateful.
    L’Air du Desert Marocain, Cinnabar, Mitsouko, Ruth Mastenbroek, Romantique by Etat Libre, Sublime by Patou, vintage Habanita – none of those (and many more) will ever go to ebay !
    I have made too many mistakes and parted with precious things in moments of madness. Sometimes I have to restrain myself from buying replacements of lost treasures like Kenzo Le Tigre – sigh.

    1. Dear Bee

      what a fantastic collection you have! Thank you for your compliments. LADDM is such a classic I almost can’t believe I don’t own it. I only have a couple of samples. I don;t think it will ever get tired. Vintage Habanita- also a great. Cinnabar- one of my High Street Classics. Sublime and the ELDO I haven’t tried but I shall look out for them on your say so.

      I too have made mistakes, but never again. And nobody will part me from my team of six! ( I’m trying to insert a pun along the lines of Six Scents/Sixth Scent but its not working)

      Have a great day and thank you so much for your loyalty and kind words
      Sam x

    2. Oh I can so relate to the last part. Several (you’d think I would have learned after the first experience) times I’ve let things go that are nearly irreplaceable. I’ve found a few at estate sales that are highly unlikely to come around again and put them up on eBay. What was I thinking??? The 2 best/worst : Guerlain Atuana in a beautiful crystal bottle and presentation box and Houbigant Le Partum Ideal in a Baccarat Louis XV flacon. I’m sobbing as I type this…

      1. Oh no Sally! That’s a tragedy! What stunning gems! eBay has been handy for me as I have a policy to get rid before I bring in more. I don;t know why. Maybe that’s a silly policy. After all, I’m in charge of the perfume!

        best wishes

    1. Jay,

      Thank you so much, what a lovely thing to say! Reading these comments has put such a smile on my face. Thank you for going to the trouble of telling me. It means a lot.

      Sam x

  5. Hi Sam , congratulations on your third blogaversary, (what a great word) I am so grateful for your contributions to our lovely world of perfume , I was introduced to your website by a fellow enthusiast and I’m so glad , you have introduced me to a whole fragrant community that I didn’t know existed, I have bought some of your recommendations ,joined other groups , bought vintage perfumes on eBay, bought decants from other enthusiasts and had a general whale of a time , I smell FANTASTIC all the time , keep up the good work , however hard it gets to find the time , will always appreciate your refreshing and witty contributions . I now have two full shelves of absolutely amazing perfumes and love it that almost my first thought of the day is ‘what perfume shall I wear today ‘ and todays is Centrepeice by 4160 Tuesdays, Thanks so much for a lot of fun Aileen xx

    1. Hello dear Aileen, I am so thrilled you had a word of mouth referral, that makes me so happy. I especially love the fact that I have tempted you into buying stuff. What a thrill! I am a fellow fan of 4160 and have just taken delivery of a treasure chest of samples from the Crimes of Passion range. They are outstanding and I can’t wait to review them. My favourites are Goddess of Love and Raw Silk and Red Roses so far.

      best wishes and thanks so much for your lovely words


  6. Thank you Sam. You do a fab job. I love your enthusiasm and you have some great ideas. Lovely bottles and nice niffs always popping into my in-box. Here’s to many more blogaversaries.

    1. Thank you so much, I do appreciate the encouragement. I was very nervous starting this blog but everyone has been so lovely.

      best wishes

  7. Sam, congratulations on your blog anniversary! You’re more than half way to your goal (though I hope you won’t stop there once you reach it).

    In many years of my perfume hobby I’ve never sold a single ml of perfume though looking at my collection today I’m thinking that some pruning might be helpful – I’ll think about it. As to the perfumes that I treasure the most, I have a whole section Perfumes I love and don’t ever want to be without on My Perfume Portrait page. The top three – Lancôme Climat, Ormonde Jayne Ta’if and Amouage Ubar.

    1. Hello Undina, greatly esteemed blogger! It’s a pleasure to have you drop by. Thank you for your kind words. I wonder if I will feel like stopping at 1001. Can you ever get bored of an endless universe?

      I shall pop over to the link and have a read.

      Thank you
      best wishes

  8. A very Happy Blogday Birthday – looking forward to all the reviews and muses between now and the fourth!

  9. Congratulations, Sam! – to have so many posts already under your belt is a remarkable feat in that short amount of time. Only Kafka has been as prolific I think. Your post has also reminded me to see how I am getting on compiling another bag of ‘these are not my thing but am hoping your mileage may vary’ samples!

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