Annick Goutal Matin D’Orage ( 2009)

unmatin dorage

Annick Goutal Matin D’Orage was a surprise Christmas gift from friend of the blog and friend of me, Lisa Wordbird. I haven’t thanked her yet so I will thank her through the medium of a blog post.

I was not expecting this, but Lisa knows me well and as she rightly guessed, I loved it immediately. It was such a lovely surprise in its pearlescent bottle with a gold lid and gold ribbon around its neck. My first impression, because I didn’t have my glasses on but my nose was awake, was that this was full of orange blossom. I read the label and thought it said “Orange”. I put my glasses on and read it again and saw it said “Matin D’Orage” which means stormy morning.  As the scent settled I realised it wasn’t oranges but lemons I could smell, and also ginger. But most of all I could smell beautiful blooming (and sometimes tricky) gardenia. This has gardenia in spades. A close cousin to tuberose, but somehow lighter, and with a faint mushroomy undertow, gardenia is white, waxy and as fresh as a spring morning.


Created in 2009 by Nose Isabelle Doyen, Matin D’Orage smells impossibly feminine, and the gardenia is so vivid its like having your nose right in the flower with its pure white petals. The ginger is just enough to give it a spicy fresh accent, and the Jasmine adds to the pretty factor whilst cranking up the richness. There is tea-like Champaca too, which enhances the greenery,  and then a base note of sandalwood, with the faintest touch of celery, as there often can be with thick intense white flowers.

This is an unusual scent in that it starts pretty and then becomes a little more sober, and I must say that I prefer the top notes to the base notes. However, this whimsical bottle of scent delights me and I would have missed out on it completely if lovely Lisa hadn’t thought “Ah! Sam!”. I’m very glad she did.

So Lisa, sorry I haven’t thanked you yet darling, but will this do?


You can buy Annick Goutal Matin D’Orage from Amazon UK,, FragranceX, Escentual, Harrods and John Lewis. Prices vary and start from just under £40. You may have some luck on eBay, but I’ll never sell mine.

NB- I photographed the bottle against my cat Ian for no other reason other than that he was there and his tummy is fluffy. Matin D’Orage has no scent association with obscenely lazy Ginger Tom cats



11 thoughts on “Annick Goutal Matin D’Orage ( 2009)”

  1. I’ve got this one and was thrilled to see your review because it doesn’t get written about very much. One of my favourites. Nice to see Ian (great name for a cat!)..

    1. We let the kids name them. I vetoed Star Wars names so we ended up with Ian. I’m glad you like this one Gail. I hadn’t even heard of it before. It was a lovely surprise and such a pretty bottle!

      Happy New Year!

      Sam x

  2. Lemons, ginger, champaca, sound wonderful – but i’m really not a great fan of gardenia, unless its in small doses. In any case I’m sure Lisa will love your review of her gift. Ian is very pretty and looks like a fluffy bundle of love and i’m sure he smells gorgeous. Happy New Year to you lovely Sam. xxx

    1. Hello dear Patsi and a very happy new year to you too my friend. Ian is gorgeous and very fluffy. If anyone took a photo of me sleeping and put it on the internet I would sue, but Ian didn’t seem to mind at all. He is so good looking he could be a Go Cat model.

      warmest wishes
      Sam xx

      1. LOL Sam. Send Ian’s photo off to Go Cat and Annick Goutal – maybe he will get snapped up as a model for both. Freebies of cat food and perfume! All good. 🙂

  3. uuuumm..must seek out and experience some of this ‘stormy morning’! Sorry, Matin O’range sound much more intriguing. Today in Auckland, we have had a threateningly stormy summer morning – or perhaps sultry morning after (which maybe not quite over), so your blog choice is sublimely timed.
    Over the passed ‘dumity dum’ months, through your wonderful blogs, you often meet my first loves – orange blossom, lemon, ginger, spice, but you often tempt me to look over the fence at other olfactory temptations… This year I have really come to not only love but love wearing gardenia and often layer Elizabeth Arden’s ‘Gardenia’ depending on the time of day/season/strength of finger on the spray/mood!
    In the spirit of New Year – thank you for encouraging exercise of ‘my nose’.
    Happy New Year to you, Ian, Mr Iscentyouaday, Master Iscentyouaday, Wordbird and Uncle Tom Cobbly….

  4. I have this one, and agree it’s very pretty but doesn’t get mentioned often. Definitely one of my favourites, and it does provide cheer on a dreary morning. I initially thought the dry down was less interesting, but it smells great on clothes the next day (one of my favourite tests for perfume) so I’ve revised that view!

    1. Hi Alice and thanks for commenting. I do that test too! In fact sometimes I prefer it on the sleeve of my cardigan to my skin! Coty L’Aimant smells lovely on my pyjamas the next morning!

      I agree that this one doesn’t get enough love. It was a lovely surprise

      best wishes

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